Monday, 6 March 2017

Posting handmade orders with Davpack

Now many of my readers will know that I have a small business, both on Etsy and Facebook.

With the Etsy shop especially I am often posting off orders across the country, as opposed to the Facebook page where it is more local orders.

My most popular items are the frames I make, mainly the baby name ones and the wedding lovebird ones. Since selling on Etsy I have been on the look out for a sturdy box to fit the frames as well as the bubble wrap layer too, most places I have found sell them in large numbers so I have always been reluctant to buy just in case I got the measurements wrong-especially with not ever having the biggest budget going.

So when I was contacted to try out some packing from Davpack I jumped at the chance.

I managed to find a box that fits the frames nicely, it is actually classed at a Brown Pizza box in the size 290 x 290 x 50 this is the perfect fit for the frames I use.

With the pizza style boxes I can now pack up  my orders much, much quicker. Before I was saving old cardboard boxes and cutting squares out to sandwich the bubble wrapped frame, and then covering with brown paper and lots of tape. So I now save a lot of time and also a lot of materials too!

I had a double layer of bubble wrap on the frame and as you can see the box still just about closed, ideally I could do with the box being about half a cm deeper so as not to be quite so snug but really that's just a personal preference for the items I sell.

I did cover the box with a cellophane bag, more to protect the frame inside from possible water damage, but if the product had been something else I would be confident in sending it with just tape along the open edges as the box itself is nice and sturdy.

If you have your own business and post off lots of orders I would definitely recommend Davpack, they have a huge range of products perfect for small and large businesses.

I now I have the confidence that my products will look more professional, which is always great when you have your own business and I am so pleased I have finally found something to fit my main product.

I received some of these boxes to review however all photos and words are my own

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