Thursday, 16 March 2017

32+ weeks pregnant

I can't believe I have 7 and a half weeks left of this pregnancy, potentially less seeing as I had the boy's about a week early.

I was full of energy after the weekend, the sunny spring day on Monday put me into a great mood.

I'd got James to get all the baby things out of the loft on Sunday evening so I was eager to sort through the clothes and bedding, and got all the neutral bits washed up.

It felt odd looking at all the baby bits, I think I am still a little in denial that there will be another little person joining the family!

I get quite sentimental when looking at the boy's old things, I was a teeny bit sad that the snowsuits they used to wear won't be used this time with this baby being born at a completely different time of year!

I've had to put a small pile of bits back away already as they will be too wintry.

I also always think at this point in the pregnancy, why did we not find out the sex?

It would make it so much easier when sorting out the clothes, if it's a boy then we are sorted, if not then I will have a big bag for charity apart from some sentimental items I'd expect! Although, really I am happy to have another surprise, certainly keeps everyone guessing, and I love the moment you first find out too.

Anyway after all the organising on Monday I think I really burnt myself out, I slept awful that night as had really bad hip pain, each trip to the loo was agony, and I tossed and turned all night. James' alarm goes off at 6am and I must have looked rough as he said he's take time off work.

It was such a relief to be able to rest and not do the school run that morning, I have a 2 mile walk there and back twice a day and it is starting to take it's toll now.

As bump is getting bigger and heavier, I am getting slower, and waddling more, still it's keeping me fitter I guess!

I think I have reached that hormonal stage again, as this past week literally everything is annoying me, the house is so messy where I just have no energy to sort it properly. I do the bare minimum at the moment!

There's so many unfinished DIY projects about, the downside to having a handy man hubby is that our house is always the last to be done! He's electrical business has been doing really well recently which is great, but also hard work as he's been out from 6am to 10pm some days, it's getting hard on all the family, especially this week where he's been out every evening, the boys miss him, I miss the help, and he is exhausted when he's home!

I guess, I am going to have to start asking/accepting some help more now the next few weeks, everyone keeps telling me to rest up but it is so hard to, as if I stop so does everything in the house!

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