Monday, 3 April 2017

Easter crafting: shaving foam marbled paper and Easter hats with Marigold.

We've been busy crafting this past week ready for Easter.

Spring is a great time of year to craft, the sun is out and it's time for lots of bright colours too!

On a day where Alex had gone to a friend's house to play after school I took it as a good opportunity to do some crafting with Sam one-to-one. Which I will admit I've not done enough of over the years!

We collected some cards and papers, chose the colours we wanted and bought some shaving foam. (Please read the bottle when buying...we bought the gel one first time and had to head back to be able to make this project)!

How to make shaving foam marbled paper:

Things you need

  • Shaving foam
  • Paint (at least 3 colours)
  • Thick paper or card
  • Cocktail sticks/kebab skewers/fork
  • Tray with foil (saves on lots of washing)
  • Ruler or something else to use as a scraper
How to make it:
  • Make sure you clear a space, thanks to Marigold we had plenty of sponges and cloths to wipe down the table and kitchen worktops. 
  • Wear gloves if you want to...this would be advisable if you wanted to use food colouring instead of paints.

  • Set up the trays, and squirt a generous amount of the shaving foam all over. 
  • Choose which colours you want to marble together and dab small blobs all over. 
  • Using the skewers etc, make patterns with the paint. Tip: start off with bigger gaps, when you reuse the same shaving foam over a few times you will get a 'tighter' marble affect anyway. 
  • Once happy with pattern made place a piece of paper on top. Don't press too hard, but enough for the paint to take. 
  • Gently peel off the paper, place on the table.
  • Using the ruler scrape the excess shaving foam off, press firmly when doing this.
  • Leave to dry
  • Put the excess shaving foam back in the tray and mix with the skewer again, repeat until you want to stop. 

I will admit this is quite a messy make! But it is fun, and I will also admit that we aren't too precious about our table as it's on it's last legs. Again having Marigold to help with the clean up was great-as you can see our table needed it!

We actually used these papers this weekend, the boys used templates and cookie cutters to cut out spring shapes for their Easter hats. 

These were really simple to make as it was simply a piece of card for each hat, cut into 3, 2 stapled to fit their heads, and then the extra piece bridged over the top. The 'grass and box of carrots' were from Asda at a £1/e I thought these were pretty reasonable! Using my glue gun I got them to tell me where they wanted their shapes placed.  

Hope you enjoyed this, let us know if you will be crafting this Easter!

This is a collaborative post with Marigold

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