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I started this blog back in November 2011, after seeing many great blogs that inspired me. I have always been one for social networking and (admittedly) never too far away from the laptop anyway. Falling pregnant at 19 with my partner (who'd I'd been with for a year and a half) was quite scary, I'd lost touch with some close friends and felt I didn't fit in any more-I wish I had found blogging sooner in them early days when I did feel frightened of the future.

Luckily the future wasn't really frightening- Me and James got engaged (which we had discussed long before I was pregnant), we were lucky enough to buy a small coach house-which is still our family home now.

Alex was born 6 days early and thankfully not on my Birthday (his due date) in Nov '09.

3 years later another blue bundle of joy arrived in Dec '12, Sam.

Although I struggled throughout both pregnancies I have been incredibly blessed with both their births, I'm extremely proud of both of them and they are by far my biggest achievement.

As you may have just noticed all our birthday's are close, James' is also in Dec, in fact our birthday's fall within 3 weeks of each other-so quite an expensive time with Christmas just two weeks after Sam's birthday! This makes for some bargain hunting and present shopping throughout the year!

I have always been a a big lover of many crafts and baking, I am hoping to one day (soon) sell my crafts online and think I have found my niche and something that I really enjoy (finally) which includes felt and sewing-it will be good to put all my years of studying art at school and college to good use and bring a bit of 'pocket money' into the household.

Originally this blog was going to be more of an arts and crafts for children/baking blog but having two boys taking over the household it has taken more of a parenting diary blog with snippets of our daily lives, and the odd craft and baking posts, which actually I quite like as motherhood has made my once great memory and shoddy mess!

The blogging community is something that I love to be a part of, I have found some great friends who I hope to meet for real some day. They kept me company in possibly the hardest year and a half, when James was working 2-3 jobs a week (therefore hardly being home), he is my rock and I don't know what we'd all do without him, he has always worked himself so hard for us.

Should we take your fancy for any product reviews please do get in contact with us. We have done a few product reviews now and it is something we really enjoy-whether it be a service to help us save money, toys, baby products, crafts, food or cleaning products!

Hope you enjoy reading

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