Thursday, 23 February 2017


Each home has some personality even if like us, it is mainly filled with hand-me-downs from family and friends or looks much like the show room of a certain blue and yellow furniture shop!

Most people own something quirky, whether it be furniture or an ornament, maybe you are attached to something more for the story behind it rather than actually even liking the look of it?

Now although this lives at my parent's house it is something that I would want to know about it if they were ever getting rid of it! 

I know what you are thinking, how ugly is that? What even is it?

Truth be told it was part of my year 13 art project, the topic was surrealism and I had twisted a Leonardo Da Vinci drawing on photoshop and then my teacher thought it would be a good idea to make that out of clay. 

I'd never made anything much out of clay before apart from the normal small school projects which were more flat pieces. 

It took many hours of playing around, layering up the clay, wishing and praying that all the air bubbles had gone when prepping the clay. There was a hairy moment when the whole face nearly caved in on itself...cue my teacher running over slapping on extra clay for support and wedging more newspaper in the hollow areas! 

The year 12's had named him Harold in the process, so this has stuck until this day, we were all nervous when putting the head into the kiln-one downside to clay is that if there is air trapped the whole thing could explode! 

Thankfully it survived, and I then painted it all a bronze/copper colour. 

After all the exams I was able to collect the work produced over the past 2 years, Mum came to help me as there was a lot of stuff, I nearly didn't take Harold with me, as well, at 18 i wasn't really fussed with it, but Mum persuaded me! 

I'm glad she did, nearly 10 years later it is still by my parent's fire place, every Christmas he gets decorated with a Santa hat, and my boys quite often make comments on it, or pretend to pick his nose for their amusement! 

Do you have something quirky in your house?

Something with a story behind it?

Wayfair would love to read and hear about your own #QuirkyFurniture pieces or ornaments, there must be something in your home with a story behind it, perhaps something picked up from a holiday, boot sale, or inherited piece? 

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