Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Choosing a name

So with baby due in a little over 10 weeks we are upping the anti in terms to trying to find a name we both like.

We are pretty sure that this is another boy, although, we could be very surprised with a girl. But with that in mind we have mainly focused on boys names for the time being!

Here's a list of some of the names we don't mind, I will admit there isn't a stand out one at the moment, but then again Samuel was un-named for 24 hours and probably wasn't on our list!

I quite like names that can be shortened, I think this is good when the child is older and can choose which version of the name they prefer.

Both Alex and Sam have the longer versions of their names on paper, but mainly we have called them by the shorter versions. I think I'd like this for our 3rd baby too.

I think Reuben is the only one on our list that we could probably do that with at the moment, although I don't know if James is as keen on that name, I'm undecided! *Update, James doesn't like this name*

Some of the names we have on our boy's list are: Harry, Charlie, Max, Hugo, Rory (I haven't told James about that one yet). And well from the way James' sister reacted to Hugo being on our list I don't think we will be using that name..."you can't have that name that's one of ours!"...they aren't expecting yet or anything but I don't think it would be worth our life haha. Also as much as I like Charlie in particular there are so many of them...

Girls names, like I said we haven't given a great amount of thought, ones we liked when pregnant with the boys were Isabelle/a, and Amelie but there does seem to be lots of these names around at the moment and I'm not totally sure I still like them as much. I quite like Sophia but again it's very popular. I've just been going through the top 1000 British names this morning to try and help, I quite like Grace, Charlotte/Lottie and Imogen from the list, possibly more for middle names, I've no idea!

Our surname is Spencer so we are lucky that quite a lot of names do go with it, although sometimes I find names ending with er or a don't have quite the same ring to it though...although obviously Alex does have that.

Alexander James Spencer
Samuel George Spencer

What middle name works well with:
Reuben Spencer ?

What names did you have on your lists when expecting?

Are there any names you could recommend, I'm sick of looking through name lists at the moment!

HELP haha


  1. I couldn't have more even if I wanted because I don't have any names haha I used all my boy names on Alfie!! He has George and James in his name lol I love the name Harry I must admit! X

    1. It's so difficult isn't it! We really liked George for Sam but now I am quite glad we had some friends/family who had babies within that year called George, I don't see him as a George at all now :) xx


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