Thursday, 16 February 2017

The 3rd trimester: 28 weeks

I can't quite believe I am already in the 3rd trimester of this pregnancy, the 2nd trimester seemed to fly by, and apart from the odd bit of breathlessness and a couple of faint spells it went by trouble free really.

I had my 28 week checkup on Tuesday as well as a routine blood test.

My blood pressure was fine, and my midwife told me that baby was lying breech (which explains the bad rib pain I've had of late) and for the first time found the heart beat straight away. Baby before now has moved and wriggled at any time the midwife has tried to locate the heart beat!

I have been more tired recently so when I had a voicemail from the midwife the day after my appointment it didn't come to a great surprise to me that my iron levels are low. I know definitely had iron tablets with Sam and not sure if I had to with Alex also.

So tomorrow I will be picking up my iron supply from the pharmacy and praying it gives me some extra energy!

I was really looking forward to this half term as there would be no rushing around for school runs, but apart from a bit of a lie in each morning I have actually found it much harder than a normal week.

I forgot how much attention Alex needs, he literally does not stop talking, and although the boy's have had moments of playing lovely together they have squabbled a great amount too!

I have not had ANY energy this week, we have been to 2 local parks with friends, and Mum had them yesterday afternoon to take swimming, but apart from baking some cakes we really haven't done much at all. I feel a bit guilty, but I think I'm allowed to be a bit selfish when feeling so rubbish!

I feel huge this week, not sure if I've had a spurt, but I am measuring at 28weeks, whereas with the boy's I think I was still measuring slightly small at this stage (definitely with Alex anyway). As I am bigger the joys of pregnancy have really hit this week, my ribs have been in agony and I have really struggled to work at the desk, sit down comfortably anywhere and get comfortable at night time, as well as bad moments of heart burn and indigestion!

 I guess one good thing is my skin and hair seem to still be lovely at the moment and there is a LOT of movement from baby, although it is starting to get painful occasionally, it's so lovely how excited people get when they see and feel it kick, the boys are always amazed by it!

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