Monday, 3 October 2016

Alex's guardian angel

I don't know who or what was looking over us today but I am thankful!

We left the house at 8ish to head to Alex's school we have a mile cycle to get there, Sam on the back of the bike with me, Alex on his own bike.

Our area is quite built up, there is one dual carriageway running through the middle of lots of housing, it has been notorious for red light jumping as there are so many junctions along it.

Today we were crossing at the first junction we need to cross over, the light turned red for the cars, a car and tanker were starting to go from the shop side and our light turned green. I told Alex to go across as did I. Then I heard the engine told Alex to stop and move back and there was the car.

It narrowly missed hitting Alex, I think he may have clipped the front of Alex's bike but it all happened so fast I'm not really sure what happened exactly.

At first he didn't even realise it was his fault, I don't know if he'd been looking down or at a phone, or if it was the sun that caused him not to see his red light. Then I think it dawned on him that it was still a red light and completely his fault.

We were all shaken up, the man stopped, and checked we were ok, he was a dad too apparently and seemed to genuinely be sorry and I don't think he could quite believe how close it was, and what potentially could have been.

I just can't help but think of the worst outcome, and how I should of checked the road again and again before even saying 'yep it's green go'.

I got his number plate, he offered his number but I stupidly was too shaken up to take it, my legs were shaking so much, and I've never been in a situation like it, and as I don't drive never been in a car accident where you need any details or anything either so I really had no idea what the right thing to do was, that and any anxieties I have don't help!

I just thank our lucky stars Alex was ok, someone was watching over us today.


  1. Oh gosh how frightening lovely! I know on twitter you were very shook up this day, I've only just got around to reading all the blogs in my feeds after moving! I'm glad he's ok and so are you now. Xx

    1. Ahh bless you thank you, luckily everything was all ok in the end! xx


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