Friday, 9 September 2016

Zoflora product review

With two young boys and a husband who works in the building trade the house is often a mess if I am honest!

It was more so in the summer when the boys were constantly in and out of the garden and raiding the kitchen cupboards!

So when Zoflora contacted me to try out their products I jumped at the chance to try it out.

We received one 120ml disinfectant in the 'Green Valley' scent and one 250ml disinfectant in 'Citrus Fresh'.

As they are concentrated you have to dilute the disinfectant with water, I think this is great as it makes it last so much longer, I put my diluted solution in a spray bottle to make it easy to use when I needed it.

I will say I have mainly used it within the kitchen, it's always nice to know that 99.9% of bacteria & viruses are being killed, odours eliminated, and all day freshness achieved. I've been really impressed with the disinfectant, I was worried that the smell might be too overbearing, as sometimes I do find these sort of products that way but actually it is fairly subtle but lasting enough to notice when you come back in the room hours later.

I would say that my favourite scent of the two is probably the 'Green Valley' one as it just leaves a lovely, lush, fresh smell, the citrus one I prefer for bathroom cleaning as I didn't overly like the citrus smell in the kitchen.

I keep it in the kitchen as it is the room we mainly enter into and out of the house from our backdoor so our floor is in often need of a quick clean, that and two messy eaters who like to drop their food on the floor. It is really good to use on the worktops after cooking too and leaves the room looking and smelling so fresh.

You can use the Zoflora undiluted as well, but only on certain surfaces such as ceramic, metal sinks, drains and toilet bowls.

I would definitely recommend this product for use in the home, it lasts for such a long time when used diluted too. Just remember to always read the labels and keep the product out of the reach of children too.

The one thing I might suggest to Zoflora is that I would prefer the product to have a lid that was more child proof rather than a normal screw cap.

Zoflora can be bought from many shops, and for more information please look at their website:

I received the products mentioned for this review, all words are my own. 

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