Wednesday, 14 January 2015

What 2015 has in store for me

Well it is nice to be back, and the house is starting to feel like home, albeit a slightly bare one at the moment!

This year I would really like to make a few changes, I let myself slip a bit last year!

Family comes first
I think it was a build up of nerves and anxiety about the wedding, the pressure I put on myself to make anything and everything I could for the wedding leaving not much time for anything else-I know I didn't always put the boy's needs first. I turned them down, and didn't play with them anywhere near enough, we barely did any crafts and I just feel I didn't do my best to make them enjoy their time at home last year. I think it became a habit to be on the laptop or my phone far too much, and yes I am sure that may still be the case but I'd really like to cut down and and enjoy the hear and now rather than watch and everyone else's here and now. I got a bit too selfish with my 'me' time and this needs to change in me-harder to do than it is to write though!

Us time
Now it is no surprise I like some of my technology but that is nothing compared to James-he is never too far from an electronic device of some sort. Do you ever find you and your partner sat at opposite ends of the sofa, doing mindless this on your gadgets and not really talking to each other of an evening? Yes that is us, and we need to make more effort to do something together or just switch it all off and talk!

Get outside
Now this might sound odd to regular readers as many of you know I don't drive so walk pretty much every day. But as a family on weekends we don't get outside enough, we end up at shops or something else spending the little money we have. This year I'd like to go out more and explore, we live not far from the Cotswold's and there are many other beautiful places on our doorstop that we have never ventured too-we need to be more active and get out there!

Set up my craft business
Yeah regular readers might be sighing at this one as I am sure I have said it many times that I would like to sell my makes...Thing is I always seem to have an excuse because I am not quite sure how to start, am useless with finances and am a little scared of plunging into the deep end. But now I have a crafting space, we have an office/craft room in our new house now, I can access all of my crafty stash at ease. I just need to take those first steps and stop putting brick walls in front of me! I need to start earning something for my family, even if it is affectively pocket money in value but if it can help towards the mundane food bills or put towards day trips extras and take some of the financial pressure of James then it will be worth it. I don't have the confidence to get a 'proper' job, I don't think my nerves would even let me through to the interview room if I am honest.

I think this fits me very well, I am all but stuck in comfort zones!


  1. It sounds like you have lots to look forward to. I am also going to make the effort to do more craft activities with my boys, for me, it's about planning in advance and being organised enough / having all the stuff to hand when the perfect opportunity arises. I completely agree with you about turning off the technology too. Interestingly, for whatever reason, I've found that since we moved I spend less time on the laptop in the evening. Not sure if it's the set up of the house or what but these days we seem to watch more TV in the evening than we did previously. Weird. Good luck with setting up your craft business, it strikes me from reading your blog that you have a real talent in this area. Go for it! xx

    1. Definitely needs some planning with young eager 'helpful' hands! I have used my laptop less since we have moved too, I think it's because it's not always in the room like it was in our old house with one living space! Thanks, just need to take those first hard steps and stop making excuses! xx


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