Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Tiny Tickers- Heart week 2015 (Feb 7th-14th)

There are so many charities about at the moment that sometimes the newer, lesser known ones need a bit of a push to 'get out there' which is why I am helping promote the Tiny Tickers charity this week as it really seems like such a great cause.

I was shocked to read that congenital heart disease (CHD) is the most common birth defect in the UK responsible for 7.5% of baby deaths, which is a shocking amount in my opinion. Research has proven that the earlier CHD is detected the better the babies chance of survival. Sadly only a 1/3 of 3000 babies are detected with before birth, and a further 1/3 detected after birth which means 1000 babies go home with no one realising they have a life threatening heart defect.

Which is why Tiny Tickers is trying to improve the early detection to ensure the babies have the best start and care they need from day one. This would include CHD screening before birth, testing for CHD in undetected babies, and creating awareness for undetected heart problems in the home and community (think HEART).

Tiny Tickers are promoting 'Heart Week 2015' and there are many ways you can get involved...of course if the 7th-14th of Feb doesn't suit you can fund-raise at any time of the year!

What can you do?
There are many ideas for what you can do to raise vital funds:
Dress down days
How about a Valentine's bake sale-heart shaped cakes for a heart cause
A Tiny Tickers' & Love Hearts 'Guess How Many Sweets in the Jar' game

Their 'Heart Week 2015' tool kit has everything you need to get you started and remember - every penny counts so anything you can raise will be gratefully received. 
To get your free Heart Week pack, including your Love Hearts 'Guess the Number of Sweets' game, register here now!
To set up a Virgin Money Giving page for your Heart Week activity,click here
To read a real life story about why Tiny Tickers needs your help please read Robbie's story 


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  1. Great post, very informative. Thank you for sharing and helping to raise awareness of CHDs and the work that Tiny Tickers do to help improve detection rates. My daughter has a congenital heart defect so this is a cause which is very close to my heart.

    1. That's ok, when I got the email I couldn't not to a post to help raise some awareness :) I really had no idea that it was so common!


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