Wednesday, 26 November 2014

We're on the move!

I may have mentioned breifly in a few blog posts recently that we are on the move!

Our house was put on the market the week before we got married...yes really-thanks for that one James! Unfortunately the first estate agents were useless so we changed and then sold relatively quickly.

It was then a bit of a race to find somewhere we liked, somewhere we could afford and somewhere we could move into quickly (as our buyer-an investor-wants to be in my Christmas so he can so any work that needs doing before renting it out).

We looked at a handful of houses about, a couple we fell in love with on first visit, but I think we weren't thinking long term or looking beyond the nicely furnished and decorated rooms!

But with a stroke of luck a house just down the road from us was dropped by £20.000 because the owner needed it sold before Christmas as he has already moved up north.

With a little financial help from my parents we put in the offer and it is ours-well as good as as soon as all the searches etc are done.

Ideally we would have liked somewhere closer to Alex's school (we have a 25 min walk to it) but ultimately nothing comes up in that area, and if it does it's either out of budget or well, not worth buying if I am honest!

We are keeping everything crossed that it all goes through ok, and that with any luck will be in by Christmas!

I have packed up non essentials, sorted the contents of our loft (I may have reminisced over tiny baby clothes of yesteryear and marvelled at how tiny our boys once were), and now our hallway and bedroom are over run by boxes of piles of things to sell of give to charity!

We are so excited, we moved into our current house as an expectant, newly engaged couple, we put in an extra, small bedroom to make it a 2 bed just over 5 years ago, as family we have grown in numbers and items and have just simply outgrown the space.

I struggled this year more than ever without a garden to let the boys play in, in the summer, they are lively lads and there is only so many times you can go the park in the day! The boys sleeping in the same room just isn't practical as their bedtime antics keep the other awake and we have had many nights where Alex has slept in our bed until we move him when we go to bed. Also our kitchen has been driving me up the wall pretty much the whole time we have lived here, it is quite possibly one of the smallest kitchens I have ever been in!

Our new house is a 4 bed! It has an 'L' shaped garden for the boys to run about in, for us to have a BBQ in the summer, for us to be able to more easily entertain in! The kitchen we can all fit in, as well as our dining table-a vast difference to ours which barely fits 2 people at once! I might also be able to get a dishwasher which I think is one of the best reasons to move there ;) I can't stand washing up! The dining room we are planning to use as a bit of a playroom at first, I seems the most logical use as I can't see us using a dining room very much! The spare room may become a study craft room too-although many have said it will soon be another little ones room instead!!!!

Now I just want to be in there, it is literally 2 streets away, and we drive past so often, seeing it empty and longing to be in making it our own. It may not be closer to the school, but it should be a great change for our family, and will mean less living on top of each other which is how it feels here-I just need to up the pace on the cleaning front as our space in doubling!!

Exciting times, I can't wait to show you once we've moved in!


  1. Ah brilliant news this is :) hope it all goes well when it's time to move don't envy you so close to xmas but it's such wonderful news :) xx

  2. Thanks, yes will be a bit manic and will miss not having a Christmas tree up, but so looking forward to having a bigger space for us all! x


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