Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Alex turns 5!

Wow I am sure I say it every birthday, but 5 years!? Already!?

Well Alex you have turned from a Disney Cars loving boy to a Lego obsessed 5 year old, fuelled by the Lego City Undercover Wii game we got you for Christmas last year. Due to that your love of Police and 'arresting' people in role play have played a major part this year too!

You still love your cars, and can often be found making up all sorts of stories with them on the lounge floor (of course they lurk about the other areas of the house too)! This is made even sweeter when Sam copies you in your play.

At the start of the year you weren't too fussed with superheros but how that has changed! You love Marvels and know more of their names than I'm sure I ever will! In most of your play you love to make up scenarios which include your favourite characters. Of course this love of them has greatly increased as Lego have Marvels and superhero games and Lego sets which has given you more fuel to the fire!

Considering you have always had a dislike to dressing up I was really surprised to see you happy to wear your Spiderman outfit on your birthday yesterday-even if it was a bit of a challenge to get you to wear the mask just for a photo.

It's been a whirl-wind year. You enjoyed a fantastic holiday to Florida which you loved and still mention on and off now-your memory is still amazing with the small details you remember-you walked behind me at Mummy's and Daddy's wedding, and you started school without a problem at all (apart from that one day after half term...!).

There was no doubt that this year's birthday cake had to include Lego or Superheros, I chickened out of one idea and decided to keep it simple and stress free-thankfully you were very happy with the result. This smile made it worth it!

When you are lovely, you really are a joy to be around, we just need to work on that really short temper and attitude you are developing at the moment-I don't think that the apple falls too far from the tree there though-as for the whinging I really hope that comes to an end soon!

You have done really well in your first few months at school, and have made so many new friends, it seems like you are very liked there and I am so pleased you have settled in well. You are a kind and caring brother to Sam, he looks up to you much and wants to be just like you and be playing your games and toys whether you like it or not, Sam always has some of the best giggles just for you and I love it when you play your silly games with each other.

Happy 5th Birthday Alex! *

Now to make things for the Lego themed party next Sunday!

*behind on this post it was actually last Thurs!


  1. Ah happy belated birthday!! The cake looks great and he looks so happy! My boy isn't keen on dressing up but sometimes he surprises me! Xx

    1. Thank you! I was pleased with the cake, it turned out to be quite easy in the end :) it's nice when they surprise you like that isn't it :) xx


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