Friday, 8 August 2014

The last night as Miss Askins

The wedding venue is decorated, all the hard work has paid off.

James has left the house, bag packed, and meal out with his family. 

Both boys tucked up in bed (Sam with a big bump on the head-typical)!

The house feels empty. 

And I'm not sure sure I like the quiet and space to think about the day ahead. 

This will be the last night as Miss Askins. 

I know it's only a name. 

But it's my name, it's all I have known. 

Tomorrow our family is united. 

I can share the same name as the boys and James.

And although weird, and odd, I cannot wait to be a proper family unit. 

I can finally tick that married box on surveys. 

I can finally fill out school forms and not look like an apparent single Mum. 

I just need to kick these nerves, and survive and get through tomorrow and hopefully enjoy the day, taking it all in!

I can't wait to show some photos of things I have made, my dress and everything about the day :)


  1. Yaaaay! I hope it went well :) I can't wait to see the photos :) xxx

    1. There are literally over a 1000 to go through so may be a while but will be some up soon! It went really well :) xx


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