Sunday, 13 July 2014

HELP: Wedding dilemma-When you realise both Mum's have similar dresses for the wedding day!

Right...James and I have a dilemma on our hands. 

This is Mum's dress. Bought way back in the spring. She is happy with it, has all the accessories sorted for it. It's a shimmer shutter dress in a light purple. 

This is James' Mum's dress. Bought this week after buying and taking back about 20 odd dresses in the past few months (no exaggeration). The only dress she has loved. When she showed me I didn't have the heart to say it was similar in style to Mum's, this is a shimmer shutter dress but in beige/gold.

Now what do me and James do? It's not like they are the same colour after all, and they are different styles on top...

But will our Mum's hate us if they find out on the day that their dresses are similar? Or do we tell them and stress them out before when they both seem sorted and happy?

James and I are really stuck on what to do or suggest! Any ideas? I'm scared the colours may look the same in the photos...I really don't want to cause any arguments on the day, or before for that matter!


  1. Why not make a joke of how alike your mums are, to have both chosen such similar dresses and see what they say,

    1. I did drop a few hints to his Mum when she showed me online and in person...not sure if she realised though. I can say I have tried...! x

  2. honestly i would tell them both that you think there alike i think there is nothing worse then unhappy mothers om your wedding day and maybe they laugh it off anyway xx

    1. We just don't want to upset them both before the day, kind of hoping that on the day they will just have to get over it a laugh about it...might chicken out an not say. Aaa! x


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