Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Teacher Thank you Gift: chalk painted flower pot

This week is going to be very emotional, it's Alex's last week at preschool.

As with any end of term it's so busy, there are forms flying left right and centre, money for this, money for that. With the wedding plans in full swing it's getting a bit too much, but I am really not looking forward to his last day!

He's been there since September 2012, and has grown into such a confident and fun boy behind those door.

All the teachers are lovely there, and he has had the same key worker throughout, so I thought it would be nice to get her an extra gift (I am planning on making some cookies for them all to share on Thursday).

I remembered something I had pinned quite a while back and have made something.

I bought a small flower pot for about 50p in homebase.

Painted with chalk paint.

Painted ruler lines along the top edge with white acrylic paint.

And then let Alex loose with the chalks, I asked if he could draw his teacher and write his name the other side.

I then wrote "thanks for helping me grow".

I sprayed it all with hairspray to help the chalk stay put.

After that was all dry I very lightly went over it all with a white candle, the wax seems to have made the chalk stay put even better. Please do this very lightly though and you really don't need much, I had a craft sponge to lightly work the wax into the pot. *

Today I bought a bargain flower plant for £1.75 again in Homebase (I think it's a bit big for the pot really but it will be moved out into something bigger I am sure)!

*the chalk does still seem to come off when damp though so if anyone has any tips to stop that from happening do let me know :)

The chalk didn't stay put so instead I painted over the drawings with acrylic paint which worked a treat!

Don't forget to make some teacher cards too-it's lots of fun!

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