Monday, 31 March 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Yesterday was a lovely Mother's day.

I may not have got the lie in I was hoping for (in fact Sam made an appearance into our bed in the early hours), but the boys were brilliant.

Playing in the morning, making me laugh, making me cherish those little smiles.

The smiles and laughter that makes everything seem perfect-the boys at the moment really are very cheeky with each other and are making up new ways to make each other chuckle most days!

They really are very silly together <3

I love how the sun shone through the windows in the morning, so even after the clocks moving forwards we had the motivation to get up for a family breakfast.

The boys got me a beautiful pink and purple bunch of flowers, and Alex had written out the card which was wonderfully written still very proud of how well he can write with help from us.

I'd had his preschool card and pot of mud (which I hope I manage to grow the seeds and not kill them like I usually do!) early on in the week, so that has been proudly on display. Something so heart warming receiving a handmade card from your child.

We made the most of the nice weather and packed a picnic.

We arranged to meet my parents at Savernake forest which is a short car journey away.

We haven't been for at least 2 years but I think possibly more-which is bad really; it seems to take a special, meaningful day for us to go out somewhere slightly further out than normal!

The boys loved the picnic, and were helping themselves to my parent's also-they really do have big appetites.

They burnt all that energy off though, chasing after their footballs whilst we sat and watched or joined in.

Then we packed up and went for a leisurely stroll in the forest, the warmth from the sun on our backs-perfect!

Sam in particular loved climbing the large logs from the trees probably fallen in the storms of winter.

Alex as ever was cautious with climbing-something we need to work on is his confidence in many situations.

We even came across a rope swing-my Mum being first to have a go, next up was Dad, Alex refused but Sam loved it, thankfully there is no photo evidence of me on there to show ;)

He was actually loving this and kept saying "woah" and giggling!
Apart from me standing in dogs do it was a great outing, my Dad even spoilt the boys to an ice cream at the end-which worked well as a bribe once Alex starting getting tired!

We quickly popped to see James' Mum to drop her bits off and wish her well, then headed back to my parents for a delicious roast with my brother's too, the first time we have all been there for a meal for a while!

Now maybe next year I can get the chocolate cake that Alex said he was going to make me ;)

I wish we could have more weekends like this-so nice to be out in the open, with space for the boys to run and be free.

It was so relaxing, and much needed after a bit of a manic day beforehand (and a late evening baking cookies for our Mum's and making their cards)!

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day, I hope it was gentle to all those who perhaps don't have a Mum around any more or a child missing from you xx

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