Saturday, 19 April 2014

Our holiday to Disney World: Epcot

This is a really brilliant park full of learning, the environment, the future and or course the world showcase.

It was so nice to spend time here with and without the children. On valentines day James and I had from 3pm-11pm completely child free thanks to his parents having our boys. This was very much needed, we have not had time out alone (excluding an hour or two at the shops or something) for months, I'd even go as far to say about a year! We could actually talk to each other, hand in hand, enjoying our time with each other with only ourselves to think about-bliss!

World showcase
We walked around the showcase on our own, mooching in the small and taking our time looking at all the small or breakable objects we wouldn't be able to look at with the boys in tow. There wasn't as much atmosphere around as I thought there would be, it was only on our final quick visit that the street entertainers were out which did make a big difference. Some countries were better than others, but I did find some of it a little cheesy. My favourite countries were Morocco (pretty jewellery, food and very pretty), Japan (massive shop full of fun and quirky things-the Japanese bowls were my favourite), Mexico (nice sit down ride which Alex enjoyed, nice stalls full of lovely things and of course sombreros)!
Our favourite rides and attractions
Test track was a big hit with all of us-nice all 3 of us could sit next to each other too (as Sam was too small) Alex just loved that he was in a fast car! There are interactive things to do in the queue too such as designing your own car which digitally collects points for it's performance if it were to race on the track. If you've designed a great car you will go onto the huge digital leader board (I think for that day could be week/month), there are then plenty of games to do after the ride should you want to.

Alex really enjoyed space ship earth- this ride is within the Epcot ball which makes is quite exciting and you go through the eras, and to the future. Alex came off and saying "I'm excited about my future" it really made him think.

The seas with Nemo and friends This was possibly my favourite part of Epcot, the Nemo ride is very clever and Turtle talk was Crush is a very clever digital and interactive showing where the children can get involved and ask and answer questions with Crush. Afterwards there are huge tanks to view lots of sea life, with wall to wall viewing so it is really great for children (and adults) of any age or height!

Now this one I know I may get some backlash from, from hardcore Disney fans, I really, really don't get the hype about Soarin, James' family and Alex loved it, along with lots of others however I came off thinking it was very dated and felt I was just dangling on a chair (even with our fast pass I had waited over 30mins for this!), Alex really thought he was flying through the air on a hang-glider. I thought the video being played was very outdated and pixelated, but loads of people clapped at the end...just not me and James!

Places to eat
We actually only had a quick meal at the Electric Umbrella which a fast food restaurant which just worked for us with the boys when they tired before watching the fireworks, so it was fine for that.
On the day James and I spent without the boys we actually got food from separate places, and ate outside, I had a delicious meal from Morocco which had cous cous, pitta and chicken and James played it safe with a burger from America, we couldn't really afford a 'proper' meal and I don't really do eating our much, plus it was super busy being Valentine's night!

If you are feeling thirsty you can try some free weird and wonderful(!) drinks in the coca cola shop-beware some may be a bit ghastly!

The fireworks can be seen from all around the world showcase, it's a bit slow to start with I personally think, it is quite hard to get the message of looking after the planet just before they set off thousands of pounds worth of fireworks into the air...But these fireworks are quite beautiful.

We found a lovely place to watch them-if you go the Japanese restaurant there is a balcony which you can walk up to-the view is stunning.

My views
I always came out of this park feeling quite happy and not stressed (like I often did in the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood studios) it is a much more relaxed park, and very though provoking, it is quite good how the rides all have learning elements that the kids do pick up on and mention later on in the day or week so you know it has sunk in. Some of the parks ride I feel could do with a bit of updating, particularly seeing it is meant to be the park of the future, even it was just the video elements of some rides and bringing a few bits into the 21st century. If you have young kids and can grab a chance to have a wander around the world showcase to yourselves I'd really recommend it, it makes it so much more enjoyable not to have little hands grabbing at everything or little voices getting whining that they are bored!

And of course you travel all this way and the little ones love the ducks :)


  1. Aw I love the photos especially the dicks! That is so typical! How lovely to get some time to yourself with your other half too xx

    1. He loved animals so much! It was so nice to just be us for half a day-it had been too long!! xx

  2. You've really captured Epcot in your photographs - especially the fireworks, stunning! We loved it here, it was one of our favourite parks, by far :) Glad you had such a great time!

    1. Thanks-I have to admit most of the photos were taken by my other half ;)
      It is a lovely park isn't it x


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