Thursday, 27 March 2014


Mimijumi bottle review

First off the packaging makes it a stand out product compared to other bottles on the market, with simple, bright and somewhat elegant design. I get a bit excited when things come in nice packaging-it usually means the product inside is going to be just as brilliant.

I wasn't disappointed, the bottle itself is very well made, simple in design with an ergonomic shape. It is clear to see that the bottle has been designed to be as close to a breast as possible-even down to having a skin coloured teat.

The bright red lid and rubber (removable) bottom again make it stand out from the main bottle brands, the rubber bottom also helps when needing to make a bottle up one handed (which I am sure is something many Mum's (and Dad's) have had to do with a screaming hungry baby in the other hand) which I think is a great and very helpful idea!

The bottles are BPA, latex and EA free, and exceed EU safety standards, they are also dishwasher safe (top rack) again helping busy parents. Because of the simple design I found them very easy to clean and use, especially with the teat all being one piece.

The only small gripe I had with the product was that the lid didn't always seem to stay firmly in place, but once I'd fiddled about a bit it seemed to clip on and stay put, which isn't too much of a problem but a pain when rushing about.

I would certainly recommend this product to any new Mother, especially one who either wants to combination feed like I did with both my boys, or for those making the transition from breast to bottle. The bottles come in 8oz or 4oz sizes, and different flow teats are also available.

Hands up in the air whilst being fed means he's a happy chap

Disclosure: I was sent one 4oz not so hungry bottle for review. All views and opinions are my own.

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