Thursday, 27 March 2014

Our holiday to Disney World: Hollywood Studios

Now I will be honest, this was probably the least favourite of the parks for all of us. Not that there is anything wrong with it but with the children being younger there wasn't much for them to enjoy here-I think it is catered more for the tween/teen age and up.

This park has many shows-which with a 1 and a 4 year old isn't easy and many of the rides weren't suitable for really young children. I didn't really go on any rides in this park as I chose to stay with Sam.

Our favourite rides
Alex loved the star tours ride-and came off beaming, as did the rest of James' family too!

Shows we watched
We watched the Indiana show and managed to get front seats somehow, this is a very clever and jam packed show-I won't ruin any of the surprises though but well worth a watch, Alex at 4 was into it but didn't quite get what was real or not, however James' 5 1/2 bother loved it.

We also watched Lights, Motors, Action! Stunt show, which Alex being a car lover enjoyed. I found this quite a slow pace, it would almost be better to do the whole show and then explain how it is done rather than lots of stopping ans starting, or perhaps a little more audience interaction. It is very loud and has fake gun shots too, so if you have little ones beware for some tears/having to cover their ears.

With all of the shows it's best to queue up before, take drink and snacks for little ones whilst you wait.

Places to eat
We actually didn't eat out at this park as we took packed lunch with us. However if you are after a snack I definitely recommend the churros if you are a cinnamon lover which can be found on some of the stalls. Just avoid the salty Mickey pretzels, they literally taste as if you have poured the whole pot of salt into your mouth!

Meeting their favourite characters
We had to go and find Mike and Sulley from Monsters Inc for Sam, he has loved Sulley since just before he 1 after us renting our Monsters University. Funnily enough Sam was scared of the characters until meeting Sulley-he even roared at him and his smile was priceless!

Alex got the excitedly see Lightening McQueen in the car show-which made his day!

My Views
I can't feel I can give an honest opinion of this park as we only went there for a day and a half in the whole 2 week holiday, therefore we didn't see much of it or see and do many of the things. We had wanted to get fast pass tickets for the Toy Story Mania ride but despite getting to the park at opening time were unable to as they only free up so many per hour, and we couldn't get any, any other time or day we tried, there was no way I was waiting nearly 2 hours to go on it. I think this ride was only so popular as it is really one of the only rides suitable for younger children. The scenes around the park were excellent, they were refurbishing a main ride, and the park was clean like all the others. I would have liked to have gone to see the history of Walt Disney, but it would not have been practical with Sam! Also the Fantasmic show is meant to be brilliant, but with it starting at 7pm (bedtime) I didn't think it would be worth at as the boys were pains in shows at the best of times, so perhaps we will do this if we were to go back one day :)

I just feel like this park needs to be made slightly more child friendly, perhaps a Pixar area as those films are always popular with the younger (and older/me) ones!


  1. We didn't find a lot to do here for little ones either. My husband had to go running across the park first thing to get the tickets for the Toy Story Mania ride! We struggled with some of the shows because my little one was so wriggly and complaining. The Tower of Terror is one of my favourite theme park rides ever though, so that's the reason that I like the park! It looks like you had a wonderful holiday, it's been lovely reading about it as it brings back a lot of memories for me!

    1. Yes we were very annoyed when we didn't get them even though we got there 1st thing specifically for it-they have a new fast pass system now-not entirely sure if it's always fair. I would have gone on the big roller-coaster but was happy to sit in the sun instead-tower of terror wouldn't be for me anyway ;) Glad you've been enjoying looking at them x


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