Saturday, 8 February 2014

Wedding planning pressures!

As soon as the wedding save the dates went out at Christmas something has changed without our network of friends and family.

There's no longer chitter chatter about the norm, it's all about how the planning of how the 'big day' is going...

This makes me slightly nervous as we literally only have the church and the venue booked.

We haven't had a chance to meet the wedding organiser at our venue to finalise some of the main ideas.

I have not found the child free/Mum available time to go wedding dress shopping since my first try at it.

I have not gone through any plans or ideas with my 3 bridesmaids-it is impossible to catch them all on the same day too due to either uni, or working days falling on different days.

I have not found bridesmaid dresses nor outfits for the boys.

We have not even thought about looking for suits yet.

I am still undecided on what flowers I want as I seem to like so many of them (damn pinterest)!

We haven't even thought of a honeymoon.

And I always seem to forget the rings on any mental list!! Which should be quite high priority!

I have a list of photographers who people have recommended that I just can't find faults with, differences with and no idea how we can afford them-but don't want to compromise on photos either as they are very important to me especially. I am a sentimental girl after all.

I had a text from a Mummy friend (who is a party animal at heart and our social organiser for our group!) asking what I had planned for my hen do-I haven't even given it a passing thought let alone planned anything/had anyone in charge of it! To be honest I am not fussed about a hen do what so ever-I'm happy with something low key and laid back-boring I know! Plus it's still 6 months away...

It was quite a relief at our marriage prep class today to know we weren't alone! One other couple on our table seemed to be in a similar boat and they are getting married the week after us.

I feel there is so much pressure on a wedding, you want to please everyone but it doing so you may not be following your own choices as a couple.

Do you invite a few more people and compromise on the food choices? Cull the list for the meal and invite others to the evening do even if they are people you want at the wedding function itself?

Our parents are helping us pay, and I feel incredibly guilty for that, my parents were in a tricky situation even less than a year ago and are still paying for that. Yet I think my Dad almost feels obliged and wants to pay, maybe because I am his only daughter, who knows. So now I am looking at the guest list wondering if it's all just too much?

Me and James aren't massive party go-ers, neither of us really drink, we don't have the money for these long weekend stag and hen do's that seem to be getting more popular these days (nor want them)-people expect you to be doing something big the more other people do like it's the social norm!

My wedding pinterest board

It's not all bad though, we have a cake lady booked and a rough idea on design, we've agreed on plum/grape (whatever else it's called) for our colour, we both like the rustic look (I'm thinking hessian bunting made by yours truly) so at least we can stuff our faces with cake when it all gets too much!

My wedding pinterest board

Did you find planning a wedding stressful, or create tensions?

Did you have to hold back due to other peoples feelings, thoughts, or budgets?

Did you give in to the peer pressure and do something you didn't feel comfortable with?

I'd love to hear your thoughts-in my mind we still have 6 months, I am a last minute planner even when a vision is in my head.

Did you plan your wedding meticulously or let it full into place at the last moment?


  1. I know how you feel! This was us 2 months ago. It does get easier - I promise. Have you got a physical checklist? That might stop you forgetting things. I found one online that I printed off and it's been a lifesaver so far!

    As for your hen do; your bridesmaid should organise that. Talk to them. If you don't want a party weekend then tell them, as there are lots of other fun alternatives such as crafting afternoons with tea and cake, that are far cheaper and a lot more "you" :)

    It's your big day. Obviously with your parents paying you have to give them some of what they want, but on the whole it's about you marrying James. Try not to lose sight of that. xxx

    1. No not really-this is on my mental list of things to do when we get back from holiday haha. I really need to get back into physical list making-I used to be so good at it-then Sam came along and it all went to pot!

      Yes, that's what I thought, but never actually been on a hen do so don't really know the ins and outs of it all. I quite fancy a spa afternoon of crafting session myself!

      Yes our parents in fairness aren't being too bad I just feel when they are paying for it I am holding back a little too! Just feel there is a lot of pressure to make it a good day for everyone else-when really I shouldn't give a stuff and be a bit selfish for a change ;) xx


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