Thursday, 6 February 2014

Proud Mummy

Yesterday I thought I may have a battle on my hands to try and get Alex to do a worksheet he came home with from preschool (don't worry he gets about 3 of these a year it's not a regular thing)! But I was really pleasantly surprised with  his enthusiasm  and what he produced! 

He had to draw shapes he could see in our lounge and I added the part of writing the objects names. Some he copied from another loose sheet of paper, T.V he wrote by himself and some words he joined the dots up. One thing I might do after our holidays is work on drawing shapes when we have the pens and paper out. 

Alex's preschool have a bear that they can take out and away with them and as Alex was in a good mood, and interested in what we were doing I suggested we write a letter to preschool! I faintly dotted the letters for Alex to trace. He did a brilliant job and it is helping so much with his letter sounds and is also starting to recognise other words that begin with the same letter. 

Now I just need to remember Charlie bear on our holiday! 


  1. Wow that's some impressive writing! My boy is really not interested in his letters he would rather colour in his foot!

    1. Hehe! He does have to be in the right mood in fairness! x

  2. Aw I remember how proud I was when lils started writing can't wait to feel it again when A starts! Well done little man!xx

    1. It is really amazing. I love how each stage of their life brings new things to get excited about. Love how children pick things up so quickly, they really are like sponges just absorbing it all in xx


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