Monday, 10 February 2014

Siblings: February 2014

My boys are real boys. It's all about cars, trains, planes, and trucks!

Alex has always jumped up to the lounge window when the rubbish and recycling lorries come rumbling around the corner, and it appears Sam is following in his big brother's footsteps. 
They really are the best of friends at the moment and I just had to capture this ordinary moment, because actually it is really special. 

* Apologies if I don't get around to commenting on peoples sibling posts this month we are off on holiday for 2 weeks tomorrow!*


  1. Such sweet photos, of a lovely sibling moment. It's the ordinary ones that can be the most lovely.
    Happy holidays, too!

  2. What is it about the bin trucks, hey? It's a highlight of our week in this house. My little boy gets so excited and insists on his sister sitting in the window to watch too. I love that this ordinary moment is special in your house too. And love the affectionate way they shared that moment. x

    1. Like so in this one too! Makes for easy entertaining! x

  3. They look so sweet! I eat up moments where my girls encircle each other. Enjoy the time away!

  4. I love the way Alex has his arm around Sam. So cute (I hope I've got them the right way round) x


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