Monday, 3 March 2014

Things I learnt on our holiday to Florida

1. Airport control always makes me nervous-even when I know I've done nothing wrong!

2. I can't eat before flying due to nerves. 

3. 9 1/2 hours is a long time with a 4 and 1 year old in a confined space. 

4. When the people in front recline their seats and then moan if our boys accidentally knock the back of them (despite Sam sitting on our laps) I get irate (on the inside) and cared less if the boys did it again!

5. 9 1/2 hours is a long time for me to be stuck in the air!

6. Coming off the plane in a t-shirt and feeling hot instead of freezing is a very odd feeling. 

7. American boarder control makes you feel like a criminal-ever had your finger prints taken as soon as you land? 

8. American cars really are BIG!

9. American's are incredibly polite and friendly (where we visited at least).

10. Disney world is HUGE!

11. Disney world is much better organised and well kept and run compared to Disneyland Paris. 

12. Animal Kingdom was my favourite park to be in. It's perfectly acceptable to go on the safari ride many, many times! 

13. Sun makes people happy. 

14. Having a pool and hot tub in our back garden is perfection.

15. American water tastes like cleaning products!

16. Alex really believed in the magic of Disney. 

17. Toddlers look cuter in shorts and summer shoes. 

18. It was such a relief that Sam was happy to walk around sometimes too-he stole the crowds and got lots of cute comments!

19. Alex is a bit of a wimp when it comes to rides and water. 

20. Alex loves playing in sand whilst Sam loves playing in water. 

21. Family events such as engagements are very exciting-and even better when you don't have to hold the secret any longer!

22. Sitting on a beach and watching the fireworks in the distance is pretty awesome. 

23. Fire dancing keeps both my boys entertained when watching a show. 

24. Family time, away from technology is so important and so needed. 

25. Getting an afternoon and evening together without the children was amazing and so needed after not having it for such a long time. 

26. Alex has good taste in hats and grabbed a lot of friendly attention with it wherever we went. 

27. Two weeks go too quickly when you are having fun. 

28. Orlando airport needs some reorganising on the queuing front!

29. I can't watch the films on the flight, it makes me feel travel it feels even longer despite it being a shorter flight home!

30. I should never eat plane food even if I feel starving!

31. England felt very cold and grey upon return. 

32. Our little house felt even littler when we got home!

33. Jet lag is a horrible thing-especially when the kids and I woke up at midday the next day (unintentionally going straight back into the Florida time zone) oops! 

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