Monday, 9 December 2013

Now you are one

I know I have said if for every birthday or your Alex's but Sam truly where has this year gone.

It really does not feel like a year ago I first held your tiny 7lb 14oz self in my arms for the first time.

You've come along so, so far.

Your first steps and first words (apart from Mama and Dada) being your latest tricks.

You are now able to say car and point excitedly when you see one (car parks are you fav place to be)!

You put a big smile on my Dad's face after some bad news the other day when you said "Gran Da" in a angrily tone which is funny.

'Dirty' has also been a word you have picked up over the last month-mainly due to the fact you are drawn the to the bin and try to get it's contents-yuk! You pronounce it "Dit tee".

You are becoming such the little character, we've always known you are a thinker studying your toys and other objects. Shyer than Alex but once you are comfortable with someone you can be incredibly cheeky-especially with Alex!

You two are double trouble, your favourite game with him at the moment is to is to scream "aaa", Alex to do the same and then you follow-this can go on for many, many mealtimes in particular, sometimes funny, sometimes ear deafening!

Not fussed with your baby toys you are often found playing with Alex's hot wheels cars, trying to push them on the track or crawling around with one in each hand, making car noises which is so cute and makes you look and seem so much older than you actually are.

Although we aren't entirely sure it looks as though you may also be showing an interest in trains (so just like your Daddy when he was little), last week you loved watching the Hornby trains going around their track at our outlet village, it was here that you first said "choo choo" and since then you keep picking out the trains out of the box at Nanny and Grandad's instead of the cars.

You love your snuggles and really burrow your head down, if you want a kiss you will bend your head down for us to kiss your forehead and snuggle up.

To get you to sleep I have always sang you Twinkle, Twinkle little star and think that is something that I will continue as it calms you instantly. You are doing so well sleeping in your big bed, sharing with your big brother-much better than I ever imagined.

I hope our second year can be as good as our first, you are really such a lovely, kind natured, cheeky, happy go lucky boy. I wish I could pause time right now as it is such a lovely age, but I know next year has much more to offer!

Happy 1st Birthday Sam!

 I will be doing a post on how I made this train cake soon too, so do look out for it :)


  1. Lovely post! Happy birthday to him. Made me smile, as one of Pip's first words was 'dirty'. Can be tricky when they start saying it in other people's houses!! I love the cake. Clever mummy. x

    1. Thank you. It's funny-really makes me wonder how many times I do actually say it now! Thanks-sadly it wasn't my best tasting cake though! x


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