Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Being diagnosed with Diabetes

So this week my family had a small shock of of finding out my Dad has type two diabetes.

At least he recognised the symptoms and is now getting the required medication.

But to be honest it's given me the kick up the bum I need, my eating habits are very similar to my Dad's we both love crisps and nuts, unfortunately I also have a sweet tooth and like cakes and puddings too, whereas he prefers sweets, we are both also partial to cheese and biscuits of an evening too.

I'll openly admit that I haven't been as good with my eating since mid to late pregnancy with Sam, since giving birth I used breastfeeding as an excuse, and I think I am snacking more than ever, although I am still walking more, and have been back to netball (although not ever week and not many matches yet due to being busy) it's nowhere near enough to burn the excess fat off of me.

Children of a diabetic are more likely to have it themselves later on in life too, and as I am very similar to my Dad in many, many ways this does worry me, it worries me not only for my health, but also my children's; Alex is already a big fan or crisps and nuts-not that I allow him many.

This is why I am going to try and eat healthier, be more active, and just think about the future a bit more now. I checked my BMI today and although I am showing up as slightly over weight, I'd like to get back to my healthy old self.

So if you have any recipes that are, quick, tasty and healthy I'd be very, very grateful as I am stuck in a rut with my meals. We do eat lots of fruit and veg, it's just what we eat around it that is wrong sometimes!

Also if you have any meal ideas suitable for a recently diagnosed diabetic I am sure my Dad would be grateful (or my Mum as she does most of the cooking my Dad might think I am sticking my ore in )!

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