Wednesday, 11 December 2013

How to make a children's train cake

So you may have seen that it was Sam's 1st birthday this Monday.

I made him this train cake to celebrate

And here's how to make it:

1.Bake 2/3 loaf cakes (sadly my first two didn't rise-had I used my electric mixer they would have turned out like my 3rd in which case 2 would have been enough)!

2. Keep the largest loaf for the front of the train. 

3. Cut the other loafs so that 2/3rds are for the carriage and the smaller pieces are for the driver's cab in the train, cut the ends off also so that they are straight-I used these pieces for the funnel afterwards

4. Place on cake board (or a clear glass chopping board like I have used here). Sandwich together with chocolate butter icing, and cover the cake all over too.

5. Decorate with biscuits and chocolate of your choice, I had smarties, chocolate raisins, chocolate digestives, party rings and jazzies. 

6. Write either on the board or the cake if you want to with icing, I wrote 'Choo choo Sam is 1'.

7. Blow out the candles and enjoy!


  1. Love it! Out of interest - did you use a madeira recipe or a sponge recipe? I made a dog cake from madeira for EB's birthday but despite lots of buttercream icing it was very dry ! I was worried sponge would be too crumbly to cut to shape though.

    1. I just used a sponge recipe, may have been better with Madeira I'm not sure as not actually made Madeira cake before! x


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