Monday, 16 December 2013

It's beginning to smell a lot like Christmas- An Air Wick review

The last week we have been enjoying a fresh, Christmasy scent around our house thanks to Air Wick.

Everyone wants there house to smell nice, particularly when they have visitors around-which we all know is bound to happen over Christmas. 

One room we always struggle to keep smelling nice is our bathroom-we have no window in there which I hate but that's a disadvantage of having a coach house, sometimes there just isn't the right layout- so when Air Wick gave me the opportunity to try the aroma diffuser I jumped at the chance. 

We have the Mulled wine & cinnamon apple scent which is great for this time of year, at first the scent was quite over powering the first couple of days and really hit you when you walked into the room. But now it is lovely and subtle and the bathroom smells fresh and clean. 

The gel diffuser would look good in any room as it is relatively small but has been made to look aesthetically pleasing so it fits nicely within the home. 

Air Wick have an air freshener for every personal taste, diffusers, gels, candles, instant sprays, automatic sprays and plug ins, so if you need to make home smell lovely why not try an Air Wick product. 

Disclaimer- I was sent one Mulled wine & cinnamon apple gel diffuser for review. All opinions are my own. 

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