Friday, 15 November 2013

Thorntons Christmas Hero-this one's for you James

I was recently contacted by Thorntons to take part in their Christmas Hero promotion-basically playing a bit of a secret Santa and surprising someone who you think deserves a a chocolatey treat.

After a bit of thought there was no one other than my long suffering partner-James!

Since we found out we were expecting Alex at the age of 19 he has been nothing but an amazing help at getting our family life started. He has always been a hard worker, just earlier this year he was working 3 jobs a week. Yes 3!

We'd only see each other Monday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings- he was getting up at 6/7am and some nights not getting back until 11/12pm. He looked ill, our relationship got affected, Alex became moody and desperate to see his Dad more, Sam barely knew him , wouldn't settle on him and really didn't have a clue who is Dad was in some respects.

Throughout working he has also been doing his apprenticeship to become an electrician, last week he was away for 3 days to do his practical exam. I thought what better way to celebrate his return and hard work with one of Thorntons Alphabet truffle boxes-saying well done, I know this was probably me jinxing it... he failed on one tiny section so I felt like a bit of a plonker when the chocolates came on the Saturday morning!! He's appealing it though as he has no idea why as it all worked and tested fine-so we are keeping our fingers crossed, because it won't be cheap to re-do and the re-take is on my birthday too!

He found it a nice surprise though and thankfully he did have a good laugh at me ordering 'well done' chocolates before his results came in!

It was nice to give him a surprise for a change as he is really good at giving them out and treating the boys and I, so it was nice to give him a token gift to show our appreciation as we don't get to do it enough.

The chocolates as always from Thorntons are delicious too!

Thank you James for being a fantastic partner and father-we really wouldn't be anywhere without you!


  1. Shame about the test good luck on the appealing it though if not fingers crossed for next time! So nice to treat your partner isn't it? Love surprising my hubby! And thorntons yummy!!x

    1. Thank you-he really has no idea what he failed on and it's on the section he's most confident with and it all worked and tested fine so he is very much hoping to get it passed! Definitely, I never have enough money to treat him properly so was nice to do for a change! z


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