Friday, 15 November 2013

Ranty Friday- When charities just want more than you've got.

The other day I was just enjoying a leisurely wander around the shops, not intending to even spend anything as frankly my bank account is looking very sorry for itself since not going back to work.

I'd noticed the two people stood by their table in the entrance to the shop but I'd managed to avoid them-I had no idea who they were at that point but I hate talking to sales people so always try to avoid!

On the exit I had no such luck with avoiding them, they caught me and I had no way of escaping easily-I am terrible at saying no or making an excuse face-to-face, even Sam had stopped crying like he had been inside! The charity was one that I actually thought was quite a good one helping disabled children get into exercise and providing all the specialist equipment etc. 

But before she carried on talking to me I had to butt in and ask how much it was going to cost (as I have said my bank is very sorry for itself) I'd noticed there was no charity money pot, just a card machine on the table... 

She then produced a sheet which had special packs, the first starting from either £100 or £1000!? Which may well be possible for some people but they made me feel so guilty for not being able to even spare the £10 for the bottom pack. I'd love to help out some charities, but to be quite frank if I'd spent that £10 there and not in Asda we'd be without some food this week! 

So then I found myself explaining that I was still on maternity leave and money was tight, yet I felt their eye's staring at mine thinking 'but you walking around the shops', the matter of the fact is, if they'd had the old fashion money pot I probably would've handed over some change, like I am sure many other's would have rather than running out of the shop with excuses. 

Please tell me it's not just me that feels this way? Why should we always be made to feel the 'bad guy' when we can't help out?


  1. That seems to me an awful lot to ask for - and people shouldn't be rude if you can't afford to, or choose not to, give. Sounds like it was their loss not to have a charity pot too...a bit short sighted!

    1. Bit silly really as I am sure they would have made a fair amount if they'd had a pot, surely something is better than nothing. Apparently their target for the day was £1000!


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