Friday, 26 July 2013

Ranty Friday- media pressure on new Mum's

Before I start I apologise as I did touch on this in another post this week, but in infuriated me so much I thought I'd dedicate a whole post to it! I also can't believe I haven't joined in on Ranty Friday before, ranting is one of my pastimes ;)

After the nation, (actually probably the world) waited anxiously and excitedly at the Lindo Wing doors to get a glimpse of the new Prince the mood turned sour soon after, not at the Royals, but towards the media. 

OK! Magazine-yes we are all looking at you. 

I could not believe my eyes when I had read and seen the front cover that had been published 24 hours after Kate had given birth! I cannot for life of me understand how that even was allowed to be published, surely there are Mother's and Father's working for the magazine that must have thought it was a really big mistake, I sure hope that whoever signed it off and gave it the OK(!) faces the consequences. 

The media places so much pressure on us all these days, we're either too fat, too skinny, work too much, work too little and so on...but this pressure is immense particularly on females, and even more so on celebs. 

Personally I think that Kate looked fantastic despite giving birth about 27 hours beforehand! Yes she had, had her hair done, probably had the outfit planned for a while/had a helping hand with it, but the effort it must have been to actually get out of bed, put her tired, aching body in a dress and heels, having hair and make up done and then face all those reporters, photographers and public must have been the last thing she wanted to do. And the person on the OK! twitter put (now deleted I might add) "anyone else have a how many did she give birth to moment there?" REALLY!? 

To the idiot who wrote that you might like to know that actually it takes 9 months to make a baby, your body doesn't just all snap back into place as soon as the baby 'just pops out', the uterus actually has to actually shrink back...enough to make my blood boil the ignorance and stupidity of some people. 

New mum's are vulnerable, no matter if you are royal, a celeb, or a 'commoner', I wish the media would stop putting so much pressure on Mum's to loose their baby weight in an instant. It is far healthier for the Mum to focus on the baby and her mental and emotional well being, weight is not an issue until you make it one like articles like this do! I think most Mum's shouldn't focus on exercise too much after birth it's much more important to do pelvic floor exercises, and go out for walks with the pushchair if need be. Dieting after birth I think is ridiculous, your body needs the extra energy to get you through the hardest, longest days and nights in those first few weeks (possibly even months), particularly if breast feeding too.

I sure hope that Kate only does any weight loss regime on her terms, if and when she wants to, at the end of the day it's 9 months making a baby it should be 9 months to loose it...*looks at own 'Mummy tummy' thinking I only have a month and a half to shift it since having Sam* 

As for OK! Magazine, I never buy your todge anyway so cannot join in on the boycott but I sure hope you loose lots of readers from your stupidity. 


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