Wednesday, 24 July 2013

A new Prince, Mummy tummies, My shocking post birth photos and Names!

I'm in no way much of a royalist, but the last few years I have found quite exciting, particularly the wedding of Will and Kate, and quite obviously the recent birth of a future king.

In fact I really didn't think I would be that bothered about the royal baby-turns out I was though.

Being hooked to the screen watching a door for over an hour yesterday, not daring to leave the room in case of missing the moment sort of proved that point!

I really felt for them all, despite being excited to get a glimpse of their little boy the thought of having to go through that ordeal a day after giving birth is just unbearable.

Yes I know Kate had her hair done, I expect someone chose her outfit/it was chosen with help but I bet the last thing she wanted to do was get 'dolled up' and face the world. I am sure she probably would have loved to leave in some comfy tracksuit bottoms and vest top like I expect most new mums do (at least I know I did-twice)!

I thought she handled it very well, with grace and elegance. I am not quite sure how she managed to walk down them steps with such ease, I definitely hobbled out of the hospital and told James to slow down on our way out-let alone walked out in heels and having my legs on show!

It was lovely however to get a glimpse of 'normality' coming through from them both, behind the make up were tired eyes and raw emotions that any Mother, Father and new parent feel. The radiance and pride shining from them both was lovely to see.

I was shocked when I followed the link from Katy Hill last night showing OK! magazines front cover.
 I don't really read magazines, I think they can make you feel too fat, too skinny, too inadequate, and are usually filled with dross, but my God, whoever thought it would be good to run this as their main cover for the day after Kate gave birth...words fail me.

She's just flipping given birth, she has the worlds media attention on her, she will have a baby belly/ mummy tummy/whatever you want to call it, for weeks. It takes 9 months to make a baby why do the media make all Mum's feel like this area should shrink as soon as the baby is born, the uterus has to shrink back in time!!

Yes I expect she will train, have some sort of diet, but I do hope it's when she wants to, not when someone tells her too or the media pressure gets to her.

Anyway I have digressed a little...

Here's how I looked just after giving birth, first with Alex in 2009
Minutes after Alex was born
And with Sam in 2012
An hour after Sam was born
Yes it is the same style nighty-I bought two when pregnant with Alex and didn't use one-see I don't think much of my photo outfits ;)

I really can't believe I have shown these photos to you all! Especially the first one-my parent's have the most awful photo of me the day after Alex was born which I HATE as I thought I looked ok and felt fine!!

I also LOVE the name they have chosen for the young Prince. George is Sam's middle name, Alex is Alexander on paper and Louis Is my youngest brother's name, my parents, James and I must have good taste ;)

Now that we know all the baby details I hope the couple get the privacy to enjoy their new bundle of joy, the first few weeks are hard going for any new parent. I bet it must be a rather strange feeling looking at your newborn knowing they will one day be King though don't you?

Thanks to Suzanne from 3 children and it for the inspiration too!


  1. Thank you for the mention and you don't look awful, you look amazing for someone who has just given birth!

    1. No problem, thanks for the idea! Thanks-you wouldn't be saying the same if your saw my mums photo from the day after ;)

  2. You look amazing for someone who has just given birth. I think OK magazine were appalling to do what they did. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. Thanks. It's not exactly their best choice of front covers was it! Thanks for hosting it :) x


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