Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A first year at preschool complete #magicmoments

This time last year I was anxious, worried about how my son would react to preschool in the coming months. Not yet potty trained, trouble with temper, and trouble with sharing, not yet left with someone other than family.

I thought we would be 'that one' who is a pain, who hit so and so, and the first week I did have to sign a piece of paper saying he had done just that, I thought that was a sign of things to come.

But I had little to worry about and he proved me wrong-I didn't have to sign anything for behaviour again.

I am immensely proud of him, I cannot believe 10 months have passed and how much he has changed within himself.

In September last year he still seemed very much my little boy, with toddler limbs and toddler ways. Yet now in July I often find myself looking at him in wonderment. How did he grow up so fast, his limbs now long, powerful and fast. Tricks on scooters, and powering ahead on the school run in excitement to see his friends. He speaks like a boy and not a toddler, we can have great 'grown up' conversations now which always make me smile.

I wonder how much the difference will be next year? I still can't bring myself to believe he will be at school next September, so I am going to try and enjoy this next year as much as possible (despite him already driving me mad this summer holiday ;) )

Here's a picture he coloured in for his preschool competition this month. I am quite proud he stuck at it-it took some encouragement but I think it's the first picture he has fully coloured in.


  1. awww bless him, where does the time go, they grow so quickly. I think he did a fantastic job with the colouring x

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