Thursday, 27 June 2013

What's in a name?

Neither of our boys names were chosen by their meaning, they aren't the most interesting meanings after all:

Alexander-to defend, man warrior James- Supplanter

Samuel- God has listened George- Farmer/earth worker

In the very early days when I was pregnant we Alex me and James were walking back to our parents house we said what we would like our baby to be called we blurted out the same girls name at the same time, boys names however didn't come easily.

It wasn't until weeks later when we had agreed on a name we liked, but were unsure of whether it would be right or ok to use it.

Because this name 'Alex' was what James' still born sister was named (which I had never known).

Anyway, after a little tear they were ok with it. I always liked Alex just as it was but James wanted the full Alexander, which I was unsure of at first, but actually came around to it.

When he was born I don't think we even discussed middle names but when asked what his name was by the midwife James said "Alexander James". I still feel like I'd have liked a bit more input, but I don't mind ;)

It's funny as although we didn't chose a name by meaning, the meaning of Alexander is very fitting as he is very much a 'defender'-of toys, and Daddy in particular!

And Sam, well we still didn't have a name we agreed on or liked once he was born. In fact when we were waiting in the birthing centre lounge for our room to be ready we were looking through a baby name book at boys names (we had two girls names that were contenders...) mid contractions!

When we announced the birth he was ' it's another boy any name suggestions'? We had lots but none seemed to fit or were ones we liked.

George is a name we have always liked, however too many people we know have named their boys George in resent years so we just couldn't use that name.

We went through all our Grand father's and great Grand father's names for inspiration, but none seemed to click, or were quickly thrown on the every growing 'no way' pile.

Then I remembered that actually although my Grandpa was really Frederick, he was always known as Sammy/Sam. The reason for this was when he joined to work at a butchers there were already 2 Fred's there, so he said call me Sammy and from then on that's what everyone called him.

Although my Grandpa died when I was about 7 I still hold a few fond memories of him in the short time I knew him, and something just felt right calling Sam, Samuel.

After nearly 24 of being nameless we managed to call and text around his name-and just in time before James' parents flew off on holiday!

Although we tend to use the shortened versions of their names I like how they have the option when they are older to use whichever length or variation of the name that they wish too. 

I'm entering this post to Jennie's competition on her blog, a lovely MiaTui's bag which has been named after Jennie's daughter Matilda Mae. 


  1. Lovely names and the boys really suit them. Good choices!! Love the connections with your families history too. Really lovely way of remembering x x

  2. A lovely story of how your boys both got their names. Love the photo too x

    1. Thank you, we are lucky enough to have some friends with a studio in their back garden that he does for a hobby :) x


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