Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Splish, splash, splosh. Bathtime fun and #magicmoments

It appears we have a water baby in house.

After years of having Alex whining about baths, and freaking out if we even so much as mention the word shower it's a breath of fresh air!

Sam can be in the worst of moods, dog tired and crying but as soon as his clothes get taken off he kicks his podgy little legs, and waves his arms in excitement for the bath ahead.

His big blue eyes widen, look up at his brother and twinkle and smile, whilst beaming the biggest smile himself.

He likes to sit up and play with Alex, watching in admiration at what his big brother is up to. Alex loves to pour bottles of water in front of Sam's face to make Sam jump, although this often ends up with bottles of water being tipped over Sam's head-although he's never bothered.

The bath is no boundary for Sam's new talent of crawling, he loves to launch himself forward from the sitting position straight onto his tummy and kick his legs in excitement.

I love watching them both play together in the bath-sometimes I always think of it as being stressful beforehand, but actually it is very calming for us all, I just which I didn't get as soaked as I often do!


  1. awww what a lovely post and lovely #magicmoment, its so lovely to see you linked up :-) xxxx


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