Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Letting go and moving forward and a big party plan

A while (nearly a year ago) you may have read this post about how my parent's business wasn't going so well. Unfortunately things didn't get better, the restaurant actually shut for business the week before Christmas. Since then it's sat empty, been on the market, and been a lot of financial strain on my parents.

Thankfully after getting change of use of the property they had a lot more interest in the property, not without a few false hopes along the way and someone pulling out! Fingers crossed it should exchange this week though.

It's been months of hard work, selling furniture, cutlery, crockery, and kitchen equipment, clearing out the rubbish and unwanted items, scrubbing floors and making it tidy for it's new owner. I know my Mum has struggled sleeping the past few weeks particularly and I think it will take such a huge weight off of both of their shoulders once it's sold.

I think despite loosing a lot of money they (particularly my Dad) have reached the end of their tether and would just rather it gone. My Dad I think deep down would still have liked to develop it himself though!

I really hope that they manage to take themselves on a nice, well deserved, relaxing holiday this summer. Especially as it is their 25th Wedding Anniversary this August, they won't be able to do the extravagant holiday that they were wishing for a few years ago but I hope they can find some sun, sea, wine and time to themselves.

In the meantime I am trying to plan a family get together/party for them at the end of August to celebrate their 25 happy years together. It's proving harder than I thought! So if anyone has some great ideas for silver wedding decorations and cake ideas I would very much appreciate it, I'm on a tight budget though-as ever! I've been busy trying to find ideas on Pinterest!


  1. I'm sorry things didn't work out for your parents, but I do hope something positive happens real soon. It's also my parents 25th wedding anniversary in August :-) No ideas yet either! It's also my first wedding anniversary lol xx

    1. Thanks. Oh really! It's so hard, I have no idea what to get them at all, and planning a family get together/party is proving much harder work than I thought it would! That year has gone quickly-doesn't seem a year I read your posts about it! x


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