Saturday, 13 April 2013

Messy Play: Gloop

We make gloop on Friday, it's the first time I have ever made, ever played, and ever introduced it to Alex.

I must admit I was quite mesmerised by myself and Alex absolutely loved it.

It's an incredibly easy craft to make, do and clean up too!

All you need is:
Food colouring
Some utensils/bowls to play with.

We were talking about how it felt, hard, sticky, then runny and squishy. 

Alex did a bit of role play, we pretended to scoop ice creams, making/icing cakes. Alex spent ages 'spreading butter' too. Once I got one of our Easter plastic eggs we filled it up and watched the gloop drip into the jug or tray like breaking a real egg for a cake. 

Alex spent well over an hour playing with the gloop, and he even asked this morning if we could play it again-so it must have been a success! He played with it quite tentatively at first as I think he was unsure, and a bit uneasy of getting too messy but it wasn't long before he was covering his arms up with the gloop and squishing it through his fingers.  

Even the gloop was smiling (which wasn't even intentional just found it like that)!

If the gloop started thickening too much we just added more water & vice versa.

Found a good page for explaining why gloop is like it is here the video looks fun too!

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  1. Love it! He looks like he had a lot of fun. I can't wait to show my 2 gloop I hope they like it this much. I've got a foody one planned for next week xx

    1. I'm sure they will, I'm just gutted I didn't do messy play sooner! I have a packet of strawberry whip that I found at the back of the cupboards that's out of date so might use that soon :) xx

  2. Gloop,I love gloop!Its brill stuff isnt it!Glad you had a good time! :-)

  3. Ahh i love gloop, i'm waiting for the weather to get nice so i can make it again and use it outside.
    Just read your coment about the strawberry whip, use it! I have a post on my blog where i did it with Seb when he was small and he got FILTHY!

    Thank you for linking up :)

    1. It will be great to use outside! What did you do with it? Never used food to play with! Np problem x

  4. I love cornflour - could play with it all day long

  5. We made gloop for the first time last week too. I loved it, such a fascinating texture. I love the idea of filling eggs with it to crack open.

    1. Can't believe I've not done it before-will definitely be doing it again!

  6. Good old gloop! Its a winner for us too!



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