Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Little Angels in the Sky

Little Angels in the sky
You spread your wings so you could fly
Too good for this world we know
Look after us down below

But have no fear
We still hold you near
Missing you day and night
Just longing to hold you tight

Little angels in the sky
Shine stars brightly in the night's sky
Twinkle, glow for us all to see
For everyone misses you so very dearly

By Danielle (The Handmade Mum) April 2013

For anyone who has lost a little angel, especially thinking of Jennie & her family after the loss of Matilda Mae-Thinking of you today. 

Today bloggers over the country are joining up and sharing posts of lullabies over at edspire, this is to raise awareness of the changes that have been made of FSIDS relaunching as The Lullaby Trust please retweet any tweets you see today and use the #LullabyTrust and @LullabyTrust. Together we can help make try and make SIDS a thing of the past, as sadly 600 otherwise healthy children still die every year from SIDS. It's something no Parent, Grandparent, Friend should ever have to go through. So if there is one thing you can do today, it's join in, in spreading the word. 
Many thanks

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  1. Great words and love how you empahasize how sudden death impacts on so many family members etc.

  2. Beautiful words and such an important message xx

  3. This is really beautiful and heart felt, I love it x

  4. Beautiful - and such a lovely meme to do for an important cause x

  5. Beautiful poem, for such an important cause xx


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