Friday, 29 March 2013

Shaving foam Easter egg marbling

Last Easter I grabbed a load of craft supplies and put them outside for me and Alex to do some marbling for our Easter cards. It was probably the last messy thing I did with him before feeling the side effects of pregnancy-how awful it has taken a year for me to get back into crafting with him again. :( I never got around to blogging about it so I am using the photos from last year. I cannot believe we were out in shorts and t-shirts outside in the sun the same time last year-really hoping spring kicks in soon!

Marbling with shaving foam is incredibly easy and leaves great results.
1.You need some sort of tray to squirt out and cover with shaving foam, then use either food colouring and/or paint and blob either one side or all over (I think if I remember correctly it worked much better with the paints).

2. Using pencils/paint brushes/cardboard swirl patterns into the shaving foam and paint mixture creating wonderful patterns.

3. Once you are happy with the patterns place a piece of paper (we found normal white printing paper worked best) on top and lift it up carefully, it might look like a mess now.

4. Use a strong long piece of cardboard or ruler and scrape the shaving foam mixture off the paper.

5. Leave to dry you should be left with something looking like this...

I then cut the paper into egg shapes, Alex also had some practise at cutting with his scissors too, I was very impressed at his co-ordination doing so.

We then stuck these onto some card, I had picked up some Easter foam shapes from ELC  that Alex stuck on too, unfortunately I didn't take a photo of these. 

This was Alex after doing the marbling last year, he wanted to just paint his hands and do hand prints!


  1. Think we might have to do this seeing as we are stuck indoors with this terrible weather

  2. It's horrible isn't it, can't believe how nice it was last year to how horrible it is this year, fed up of being cold and stuck inside! x

  3. I may give this ago! I am definetly doing the marble painting though!! xx

    1. The marble painting is less messy :) x


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