Friday, 29 March 2013

When Pinterest gives false hope!

I admit I have spent many hours of my life looking through Pinterest pages, and I often pin things that I know I will never really get around to do, but when I saw these cute looking bunny buns I couldn't resist trying them for Easter.
 Now I have never had luck when it comes to bread making, I am impatient, I don't like baking when you have to wait around, so waiting for for things to prove isn't something I'm usually prepared to wait the recommended time for! I thought I'd try to day though, just bought some bread flour that only needed water added to it, and left it covered in the airing cupboard. I didn't have a choice about giving in to putting it in the oven too early as Sam needed feeding so that worked out quite well, and for once the bread dough had doubled in size. 

I used scissors to snip the ears into the dough, and a cocktail stick to prick the eyes. Already they didn't exactly look great...

More like road kill bunnies!

I thoguht hoped something magical might happen in the oven...umm it didn't happen

Attack of the zombie bunnies!
So not all Pinterest makes are a success, especially in my case when it comes to bread!

Still they tasted nice and it was lovely to have warm rolls for lunch!

I thought Alex might have liked to have made these with me, but he wasn't interested as Daddy was home and had got his old scalextric set out of the garage so that was much more fun!

Hope you don't mind but linking up with PinAddicts as not all pins turn out nice and thought it might give you all a laugh!


  1. You need to link this up to pinterest fails too

  2. Waaahhhhaaaaaaaaaa!!! These are hilarious. Scuze the laughing... I TOTALLY would have done the same (google 'nailed it' on my blog to see my attempt...) Thank you for entering the PinAddicts challenge - will FB and tweet tomorrow! Kerry xx

    1. Haha, just had a look! That's ok I couldn't resist entering a fail just to give people a laugh-I mean it's the taking part that counts isn't it! ;) x


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