Saturday, 30 March 2013

Marbled eggs

Today we got the paints out, I'll admit I haven't had the paints out for one whole year which I am quite ashamed to admit.

Alex LOVED it and I felt quite bad I hadn't done anything like this with him for that period of time, the things I would have done had I had not felt so ill during my pregnancy last year :( feel like he's really missed out and I didn't give him the attention he needed.


I chopped one side of the cereal box off to make a deep tray, placed paper into it and blobbed paint randomly on the paper. We then put some marbles in the box, Alex was first unsure of what to do but soon got the hang of it and loved making lots of patterns.

This first attempt was so wet with paint I placed another piece of paper on top to make a print of it too!

Then after we used the marbles that were covered in paint on a plain piece of paper without any added paint which gave really good patterns and not too thick and gloopy. 

Then we put the finger paints to good use, Alex wanted to make lots of lines with them rather than printing. 

We have some great painting tools from ELC, he really liked the circle stamper-as you can see he was moving fast!

Who needs finger prints when you can use your whole hand?

Making lots of 'dots.

Messy hands. 

We had a great time, I really liked using marbles and actually that part of the painting was not too messy if you wanted to try it. 

We will be cutting the paper into egg shapes tomorrow and sticking them onto cards to give to the Grandparents tomorrow. We couldn't do it tonight as the paint was still so wet at 7pm and Alex was in bed way before then as he was so tired!

So look out for the finished results tomorrow!

Linking up with the fab new linky by Jennie from Edspire in memory of Matilda Mae, there are some great ideas, so head on over!
Our final cards can be found on some of our later post which have some better photos of painting results!



  1. Am so impressed with all the things you've been doing! I bet Alex is loving it all. Well done you :0) But my favourite post has to be the bread easter bunnies. I love the reality of it - Because my stuff never turns out like on pin interest either! Thanks for sharing and making me feel 'normal'!

    1. Thanks, Yes he is having lots of fun. Just been making the most of the first week of Easter holidays! Haha, that was a big fail-at least they tasted good though so not a completely wasted effort! x

  2. Great idea - will definitely be trying this with my two.

  3. Looks like fun. I love the marble painting idea. x

  4. Love the marbles idea and he's done such a great job - infact quite amazingly neat for messy play :) xx

    1. Thank you hehe I don't mind messy play if I can contain it ;) x

  5. Oh marble painting is great fun! Looks like he enjoyed this a lot!


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