Friday, 15 February 2013

Our trip to Cornwall. Pasties, turtles, swimming, sunshine and more pasties!

We went to Cornwall for a long weekend last week. Our first mini break as four :)

We rented a holiday lodge which although looked tired from the outside was better than expected on the inside, apart from the mouse the first night-I think it may have got in through the door when we unloaded the car-luckily we never saw it again anyway as it scared the living daylights out of me! I kept everything at a high level or upstairs just to be on the safe side!! Eeek. It was actually really clean there, and they did offer us another lodge to stay in but it was one of the old ones and looked a bit skanky (not that I'm a snob at all...)! Sam's travel cot didn't quite fit so we had the double bed whilst James took a single In with Alex, Sam did his first full night of sleep on Sunday so he must have liked it!

We were really lucky with the weather over the weekend, Saturday we went to St. Ives and Padstow, we had Rick Stein's fish and chips for dinner- yum! Literally the best fish and chips I have ever had if you are ever down there it's worth a visit.

We went swimming the Friday and Saturday evening at the pool where James' parent's were staying as it is a really nice pool, warm , hot tub, and steam room! Alex's confidence grew in the water so much over our short stay so definitely think we should try and go regularly rather than only when we are away! Even Sam had his first swim, which was scary because it really doesn't feel that long ago since Alex was in the same little swimming shorts, time flies.

The Sunday was awfully cold and very wet and windy so we went to Newquay's blue reef aquarium, we had a great time here, especially in the walk through tunnel, my favourite thing being the blind giant turtle. It's well worth a visit and if you do go it's worth looking to see if there are offers on voucher sites as we got a couple of pounds off each entry. Food is very expensive in the cafe though-we just bought Alex a tea cake and we bought pasties on the way back. We went back to our place for a swim, Alex surprised us both and went down the slide-although he didn't want to go down again afterwards! Bit chilly in the pool so glad we had gone to the other the previous days.

The blind giant turtle

Monday was probably the best day though, Padstow for a nice walk up to the spot where James proposed to me nearly 4 years ago, seemed odd having two extras with us this time, still not married either! The sun was shining, the wind of yesterday disappeared and it was perfect, I even breastfed outside on the bench in the sun looking at the beach ahead-probably the best view I have ever had whilst feeding. We stocked up on pasties and fudge and bought an obligatory Cornish ice cream before we headed off, I was desperate to just have a little stroll on a beach, so we followed a few signs and found the most perfect spot. Trevone bay is where we ended up, we ate our delicious pasties (bacon, leek and cheese-can definitely recommend) in the car, Alex was so desperate to get out he didn't even finish his (that's saying something as he NEVER leaves food)! We spent nearly two hours to ourselves, taking photo after photo, listening to the waves crashing in over the rocks, watching Alex making sandcastles with only his hands, we were all so happy. The perfect end to a lovely break, I just wish I hadn't eaten 3 big pasties, bakery cakes, and 2 lots of fish and chips over the weekend, feeling rather fat now, maybe it's a good job I don't live there afterall!
The view I had whilst feeding Sam
Us four

Thousands and thousands of mussels on the rocks

Trevone Bay


  1. As a resident of Cornwall it's so lovely to hear people have had a lovely break away. It's a Shame you got hit by one of our blooming freezing days! But sounds like you had a wonderful time ;) xxx

    1. We love it there and try to go down once a year if we can :) We made the most of it, it was worse weather all weekend where we live so our family were jealous! xx


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