Tuesday, 19 February 2013

PinAddicts Challenge: Chocolate and cinnamon meringues

Hello I am back *waves* it's been a while since I joined in the PinAddicts challenge due to all sorts of things, the main one being having Sam :)

Since buying my new, massive Jamie Oliver mixing bowl (I have an unusual fetish with cookware, I already had a perfectly good mixing bowl...)  the other day at a party I have been desperate to get some use out of it, and for a while I have wanted to to make meringues, so I had a quick browse for some ideas on Pinterest.

I found these:

Chocolate and cinnamon meringues
It links to a French site here but if you are lucky enough your browser should be able to translate it for you. Now chocolate and cinnamon are two things that I LOVE so it was a no brainer. These were incredibly easy to make, 2 egg whites, 120g sugar, 3tsp cocoa powder, 0.5tsp of cinnamon. Whisk the egg whites gradually add the sugar (I think really you are only supposed to whisk in half the sugar and then fold in the rest after but I didn't realise that until after), sift in the powder and spice and fold it in. Bake in a preheated oven at 130C for 30-45 minutes. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on top once cooled. 

These went down really well on Sunday when my Grandparents were down at my parent's house, they were very moreish and being small meant you could have a few without feeling too guilty! Sorry for the rubbish photo though I was rushing around and had a cake to bake after this to be ready for lunch at Mum's and Dad's! I don't know why I have always felt so afraid to make meringues before as they were incredibly easy to make and will definitely be trying out some different flavour combos or maybe even a pavlova! Watch this space...

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  1. May favourite thing, made even more lovely by chocolate and cinnamon!


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