Friday, 5 October 2012


From the moment you were born people said you would be a 'cheeky one' and boy they weren't wrong!
You were about 6 months old when this photo was taken, and had really come into your cheeky streak by now-nothing was safe! The coffee table had become a great peek-a-boo spot, and I just managed to capture your gorgeous smile after me shouting 'boo' at you, and you laughed your cheeky little laugh. This was a great game for a good few weeks!

Now at nearing 3 years old you are still the same cheeky boy, with a gorgeous smile and funny laugh; peek-a-boo has extended from the coffee table to chasing Daddy around the house and jumping out of your skin, letting out a huge squeal when Daddy pops out from behind a door-although you don't quite get the rules and just shout "3, 2, 1 found you" and point and scream when it's your turn to hide!

It's scary how much you have grown and how quickly the last few years have gone by, I'm am so pleased I managed to capture so many happy memories-and picking one favourite photo was very hard!

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    1. Thanks, it was nice to look through old photos-forget how fast time has gone!

  2. you really did manage to capture the perfect moment for that cheeky smile! photos like that are so special because you can see his eyes are so happy and smiling too. x

  3. Hello, it's The Crumby Mummy. I've been trying to comment all week but my comments keep disappearing. Thought I'd try the Anonymous option.

    Gorgeous photo and lovely post!!!

    1. Oh that's weird sorry about that, not sure why that kept happening then! Thanks.


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