Friday, 5 October 2012

Autumn fun

There is something about the start of Autumn that I like, the crisp sunny morning days, and the crunchy leaves along the path.

Turns out Alex likes this too, and on our walk back from pre school I cunningly got him out of his pushchair by using the crunchy leaves to my advantage (he's so blimmin' heavy to push now), he had a great time! And thank goodness the rain didn't come until later that day-soggy leaves are no where near as much fun!

Oh and just so you know this is a closed road now, I don't normally let him run free in the middle of them ;) and the photos are just from my phone. 


  1. Looks like a lovely walk! Definitely trying to encourage little ones to walk as much as possible, we were a bit lazy with my son and he's not been very good about walking very far!

    1. It's much nicer than the main road way, takes a little longer, but much more peaceful and no where that Alex can run that isn't safe. Alex still won't walk far, but need to get him into the habit of it a bit more for when baby comes along. x


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