Saturday, 6 October 2012

Warning: grumpy hormonal post!

Recently I have been down in the dumps when left at home, I am fine when out a about (generally) but the day to day sitting around at home is really boring me!

I have had one of those weeks where everything I have tried to do around the house on our list of things to do just hasn't turned out how I had planned it too. We finally bought some wardrobes the other week from Ikea-massive flat packed ones that didn't quite fit James' Dad's van (thank goodness for bungee cords) and it has taken a while for James to get around to doing them/not avoid doing them. He 'forgot' his tools of several occasions and once the ones in our room were up it took over a week for him to move/sort out his old wardrobe due to being so busy at work. Alex's wardrobe is still resting against the hallway wall collecting dust and various objects that Alex chucks between the gaps-James and his brother were supposed to do it Tuesday and even bought the tools back from work-alas it never got done, in some ways I can't blame them as hiss brother does go back to America for about another year next week, but I was gutted as as James had promised it would be up!

Anyway Wednesday evening I was fed up of not being able to sort/do anything so I though 'why not start painting one of the lounge walls' it was only a touch up of the magnolia and I thought I'd be lucky and get away with doing one coat of paint like in our bedroom the other month, but I didn't want to use a big roller as they always hurt my arm after 5 minutes, so I thought I was being clever when I used a small roller...woke the next morning to find out that it wasn't the case at all, and was patchy as anything. When James came in from work Wednesday night he said "you must have been busy the last hour", I had been there for 2 wasted! So I have decided that I should leave the majority of the painting to James now seeing as he can get it done in half the time and reach without a ladder-just got to wait for his day off now!

Thursday I finally got James to sort out his clothes/wardrobe things-can't believe how much stuff he didn't want/need (I nearly jumped for joy)! Anyway when he was out at work that evening I thought 'I know I'll move the chest of draws from Alex's room in there now'. We had measured the draws, and the hallway cupboard, and after dragging it a few feet and pushing it in to the right angle I then realised it wasn't going to be a tight fit, it just wasn't going to fit at all! We hadn't taken into account that for some strange reason the builders had put skirting boards in the cupboard-taking up the very much needed few centre-metres I needed! So I dragged it back into Alex's room, and pushed it into place when I heard a big knee had gone through one of the pieces of cheap wood (the chest of draws are quite solid, just not the bits that fill in the gap between the draws), I just wanted to kick myself as they were in really good condition!

So then I thought 'Oh our old bedside units will fit nicely in there' not learning from my mistake before I just went ahead and took the draws out dragged one in and then thought, crap they aren't going to fit side by side either (again only a few centre-metres in it! So they are now on top of one another, which is not ideal but I am thinking, light stuff on the top one heavy in the bottom and there shouldn't be a problem! Thankfully the door to the cupboard doors ticks so little ones can't get in anyway.

I now have bags of rubbish, bags for charity shops, bags that I can't remember are for charity or rubbish dotted around the house and making it look messy, but will have to wait for James to have a free hour for us to get to the dump-no point in doing that until the Alex's cupboard is up though! Once the dump run is done the garage needs a sort out to put some of the un-needed furniture in, however our garage is more of James' parents at the moment as it holds a lot of their stuff as they currently don't have one, but it's all stacked on top of each other in a dangerous looking mess rather than in some order (which drives me crazy as I think I have some OCD about everything having it's place when it comes to storage)

Despite having a rubbish time in town a few weeks ago I thought I'd give it another go, I desperately needed to get some smartish maternity wear for work Sunday as they have put me on shop floor...could I find any smart trousers that didn't cost the earth with pockets, could I find a plainish black or white top anywhere in my, could I find a shop a shop with maternity wear in the first place...not really! It didn't help that the lift was broken in New Look so had to faff about with getting the pushchair down the steps. As always Alex came back with something, a bargain pair of denim shorts in H&M for £3 to tuck away for next year! We then tried Matalan and Mothercare once James had finished college, I was tired at the point and when I couldn't find anything/things in my size I was actually close to tears-something that seems to happen very easily at the moment! I ended up buying clothes down the road from us, black skinny trouser that will hopefully be smart enough, and a top that isn't black or white but I will hopefully get away with as I'm pregnant, that was £30 I really didn't want to part with  I don't get to spend that on myself on clothes when I am not pregnant! Fingers crossed work won't have a problem with it-I am getting myself worked up over it.  I thought I might have a look out for some Christmas and Birthday gifts too, but couldn't find a thing!

And to top it off, I have really gone of the one girls name we liked and agreed on this week, so we are now down to 0 names on the girls and boys list!!

Getting very stressed out now I really don't feel organised for this baby what-so-ever, James still thinks we have plenty of time, but I am panicking that we don't, I need that new cupboard up so I can get the baby stuff down from the loft, have a good sort out, get the crib down and find out what sheets I need to buy for it. I need to buy bottles and nappies sometime (because you never know it could come early you just don't know), start getting some things together for a maternity bag, and babies bag and just generally see what else we may need to get, as I can't really remember what we do/don't have. At least we have decided on the travel system now and will hopefully be making that purchase soon, we are going to go for the cheaper Graco one, it seems to have everything we need, it's very similar to the one we have already which we have never had problems with, and it's in our price range.

I just need a bit of magic to get this place sorted before baby, preferably a month before baby if possible as it's really dragging my mood down, I'm getting fed up of wanting to do so much and not having the energy, or physically being able to do it because of baby bump. I also don't want to nag James too much as he works so much at the moment, but some days when I only see him for an hour or so the day can seem very long with a toddler (especially one who is becoming a nightmare at going to bed)!

Sorry for yet another rant, I needed to vent to relieve some stress!


  1. Oh I can empathise. I'm still waiting for my Husband to help me stretch the fabric base over the carry cot frame as I'm not strong enough to do it. As for the baby names...don't even get me started! Hope that this weekend proves a bit more fruitful and you can get some tasks done. x

    1. It's so frustrating isn't it! Oh dear still no luck your end on the baby names either then. Hmm I wish, unfortunately my partner likes helping everyone else and never ever seems to say no to anyone but me and has been out all morning helping his family, and is now out until late working, and doing extra painting at work after his shift too! Here's hoping next weekend...! x

  2. It's frustrating when you want to start getting things ready and can't get on with it. I hope that you manage to get things sorted out soon!


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