Monday, 30 July 2012

Potty training:take 3...dare I say a success?!

Well I have tried potty training Alex a couple of times over the last few months, will not much success. The last attempt he had 1 1/2 good days and then refused the toilet and potty and demanded nappies, I think he his stubborn like his Mum! I was also still suffering a bit of the morning sickness at that point too so really I don't think I was in it for the long haul and I admit I did get rather stressed with him when I shouldn't have.

Here's what I have done differently this time around:
-Pants rather than training pants
-Not as much bribery
-More relaxed
-Not asking him as much whether he needs to go

With the help of my Mum on Friday afternoon and my parents garden I decided it was time to train Alex again, as I told him he didn't need nappies any more he started declaring he wanted to go home, I wasn't having any of it though, I let him have a tantrum, let him run naked for ages as he refused pants or shorts back on. After about 15 minutes he chose a pair of pants from the pile without me telling him too, and he used the potty or toilet there, and at James parent's house later without an accident until about 8pm (we were making the most of the sun and nice eve)! Saturday was a day without any accidents, despite going to the shops and to James' parent's house again. Sunday one small accident just because he didn't get to the toilet in time, and today no accidents again...I don't want to jinx it though as it is only day 4!

Pants definitely seem to be better than training ones-I think it is quite hard for them to differentiate between that and a nappy. Getting them to chose pants also helps them too.

I haven't 'bribed' him as much as last time, he has had stickers and some sweets-but I have found that he expects more than one sweet or sticker after each attempt on the loo, and then also has teasing moments sat on the potty just to try and get a sweet, so we have just stuck to the odd treat here and there.

I have been more relaxed and less stressy with him this time around, I think part of that is because he is in pants and genuinely doesn't want to wet them rather than not caring when wearing training pants. Because of that he is wanting to use the potty/toilet so it is much less of a battle to get him to sit on them. I also haven't been asking him if he needs to go as much because that stressed him a lot more last time, and still does now. He gets all moody if I get asking and shouts at me! He has been so good at coming up and telling me when he needs to go the last few days which I am so impressed with.

So here's hoping that we stay on the road to success this time around! And hope my tips/experience help some of you parents considering or struggling with the potty training stage!


  1. Sounds like you / Alex are making great progress. Good luck!

  2. Well done Alex!!! I have all this to look forward to. ;0) x


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