Saturday, 28 July 2012

Olympic spirit

The Olympics is the only sporting event I really get excited about/enjoy, and it's pretty much been like that since a young age. I remember being about 6 I think with my 3 year old brother sat right in front of the TV screen cheering on "Roger Black, Roger Black" for the whole race and then being disappointed because he didn't win it, but this is probably my first memory of Olympic spirit. I love the variety of sports you get to watch that you wouldn't normally get/want to, for some reason it gets my adrenaline going especially the athletic racing-something I enjoyed a lot at school, I was one of the few girls in my class that looked forward to sports day (and probably took it a bit too seriously if I am being honest)! Watching the Olympics always makes me wish I had gone and trained probably at our local athletic track when I was younger-but I know I would never have made it big time so it's not too much of a regret ;) It seems like ages ago that we watched the Olympic torch in May so I am glad it has finally come around.

I don't know about you, but I certainly tuned in for the opening ceremony last night (admittedly we missed the first 5 minutes as we were out and I forgot to set it to record :( but at least it was only 5 minutes) I was quite intrigued as to how it would play out after reading many uncertain articles when it was first announced. But I thought it was a really good show, that showed history, our British comedy, film and music. I did the part of the NHS bit was a bit creepy and parts of the world may have wondered what on earth it was about!  I especially loved the part where the Olympic rings raised and also the lighting of the Olympic flame. I thought the sound quality was really amazing for the sort of event it was as it so clear and loud. The only thing that I thought ruined it was Paul McCartney at the end, I thought his set was awful and out of tune, I wish they had just ended with the fireworks so it ended on a high (not that we got to see all of the from our TV). I bet the atmosphere in the stadium was electric, and around the Capital too. I love the British spirit around the UK at the moment, makes me wonder what we will have to celebrate next year!

I'd imagine that I will be doing an Olympic marathon of Olympic event watching over the next couple of weeks, I am looking forward to showing Alex some of events too-get him in early. He already has the makings of a weightlifter of shot putter at the rate he is growing and his build and strength! I am potty training again so it is a good excuse for me to be inside...the TV can just be on in the background to keep me sane ;)

Have a lovely weekend everyone, and get behind team GB and the Olympics it might not ever come back here in our lifetime after all! If you have tickets I am very jealous too! 


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