Saturday, 7 July 2012

PinAddicts Pinterest Challenge-Jazzing up a quote

Apologies as this isn't really 100% finished but it is something I have had pinned for a while (I think) if not it is certainly a quote I came across during my A level art course.

This is the pin which has a quote I like:
This is another pin which I also like but also I really like the typography:
I wanted to try and write the Walt Disney quote with a similar font, so found this font online.
I got some of my watercolour pencils out which I haven't used for years, typically they weren't the sharpest and could I find a sharpener anywhere but hey ho I made do (sort of). Tonight I got a fab brush out, (it's one that's plastic and can hold water that you squeeze through to the brush nib which means no pots of water anywhere-perfect for this piece) and went over the writing. I think I may do this in some ink to make it s bit more permanent, I was just too scared to go straight to the ink!

Just the pencil
Water colour after being painted
It's not my neatest work, and I hate that it isn't finished, but this can be my work in progress...I am planning to try and make a collection of quotes and small artwork that I can put into similar frames, maybe paint them up different colours etc. But I haven't the money at the moment after being signed off work for a month and about 2 weeks of sickness so have two lousy pay cheques (I really mean lousy I mean I only work 4 hours a week anyway)! I may add something to the background once I have painted it with ink, but I am not sure if that will just ruin it, so wait and see. We have to get our house painted first anyway!

Head on over to Kerry at mylovebumps to her's and other's entries and perhaps add your own too!


  1. Oh i LOVE this!!!!!!!! Looks amazing... Thanks so much for entering our challenge too! xx

    1. Thanks, I just want to get the paint on the walls and find some frames now! x

  2. Lovely! I really need to get into Pinterest! Need to find the time! x

  3. Thank you-it is full of great ideas if you get the chance to join up! x


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