Saturday, 7 July 2012

A busy day!

Today started about 8am when James had a call from his Dad asking if he could get a tool for him as they needed it for their job, so as we wanted to do things today we decided we'd all have breakfast and get washed and dressed much earlier than we would usually have done of a weekend.

After that errand we popped to Homebase to get some much needed paint for our house as they had 15% of this weekend, and then we saw that their pots of large paint were buy one get one free, bargain! So we now how a lime green (looks nicer than it sounds) for 1 or 2 walls in the lounge, and jazzberry for the bedroom which is a pinky/plum sort of colour, and a bit tub of basic magnolia. So we have all the tools and paint...I wonder how long they will be sat there now before we make a start on our long list of things to do!

My Mum works in a local school and it was their fair today so we spent a lot of money of burgers, cakes, and actually won a lot on the tombola (makes a nice change, and got a nice chocolate stash which I'm tucking into nicely already which I will save for when James is home from work at least ;) Alex had a go on the bouncy castle-reluctantly at first but then once it was time to come off of course there was a huge tantrum (one of many today).

It was James' parents Anniversary yesterday and James typically forgot the card to give them so we dropped that off to his Mum, where Alex and his young Uncles played and argued for bit when we decided to  let them run about at a local soft play. I was shocked at how expensive it was for them all £17 it came to for 3 children 6 and under-they even charged for the adults!! I think James had just as much fun as his son and brothers (although he wouldn't admit it) it was quite amusing watching all the Dad's going down the slides with their kids whilst the Mum's all chatted together and took it easy.

James had work at 4 and me and Alex have had an easy evening, I nearly fell asleep on Alex's bed as he was playing happily with his diggers and other building trucks, he is getting really good at making up stories now, I could sit and watch/listen to him for ages when he plays nicely on his own accord. It was then a bit of a battle when he went to bed, but hey ho he's asleep now...the peace and quiet is luxury!

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